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Whitman Fellowship


The Bruce B. & Ginny Conlan Whitman Fellowship




Through the generous support of Bruce B. & Ginny Conlan Whitman, the College of Law is pleased to announce the 2018 Whitman Fellowship.  The Whitman Fellowship, which was launched in 2016, provides a Cincinnati Law student with a $7,000 stipend to work for an employer that specializes in representing individual plaintiffs and their families in personal rights litigation, tort and employment law, such as those injured by the negligence of another or wrongfully terminated from employment. The Whitman Fellowship recipient will work (minimum of 300 hours over the summer) on substantive legal assignments under attorney supervision, supporting the employer’s work.  Examples of assignments include legal research, drafting memorandum, drafting pre-trial litigation documents, filing, and observing meetings/hearings.  



Law studentapplications will be reviewed by a selection committee in late February.  Students must have completed two years of law school by the start of the fellowship to be eligible to apply, with preference for students who have a demonstrated interest in pursuing a career in personal rights litigation, tort and employment law.  The committee will select three semi-finalists, with the employer ultimately choosing the recipient.  



The Whitman Fellowship is looking to partner with an attorney or law firm that specializes in representing individuals and their families in personal rights litigation, tort and employment law, and that has a need for a law clerk this summer.  As previously mentioned, the law clerk would be paid via the Whitman Fellowship.  The attorney or law firm is expected to provide the recipient with adequate work space, supervision, and mentoring over the fellowship term. 

During the summer of 2016, Beckman Weil Shephardson hosted the Whitman Fellow.  Last year, the law office of Mark B. Smith was selected to host the law clerk.

“My firm was fortunate to host Mr. Michael Briach as the 2017 Whitman Fellow. Michael is a solid young lawyer who is going to do great things. We enjoyed having him here, and benefited from his intelligence and work-ethic. Hopefully, he learned a few things about representing injured people and their families. I’m glad to see that UC Law is turning out great lawyers like Mike!”   - Mark B. Smith

“We are grateful for the mentorship of Alison De Villiers of Beckman Weil Shephardson  and Mark B. Smith who truly provided great opportunities to students over the last two summers to make the fellowship successful.”  - Bruce and Ginny Conlan Whitman

If you are interested in applying to host the 2018 Whitman Fellow, please complete the application below no later than Monday, January 8, 2018 . Your completed application may be sent to Paula Davis Lampley at      




For questions or more information:

Paula Lampley, Esq. | Center for Professional Development | 513.556.0714