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The Ohio Innocence Project (OIP) Board of Advocates

The OIP Board of Advocates, formed in 2013, is responsible for the integrity and growth of the organization. The OIP Board meets regularly, helping to advance OIP’s mission. Each board member has an annual commitment to raise funds for OIP. Since 2014, the board has provided additional support with Development, Marketing and PR efforts, helping the organization gain additional awareness in the community and increased publicity of OIP’s successes and mission. Also, the board, along with the help of volunteer consultants, has revised the mission, vision and values, as well as developed a strategic plan that identifies specific objectives, goals, strategies and measures for the organization.

Stephen L. Black, President
John M. Isidor, Vice-President
Kathleen Brinkman, Secretary
Gregory E. Bell
Joe Brant
Dena B. Cranley
Anne Levin DeLyons
Dean Gillispie
Paul W. Heldman
Hon. Nathaniel Jones
Jennie Rosenthal Berliant
Cliff D. Schecter
Curtis Scribner
Mandy Shoemaker
Richard A. Weiland

Northeast Board of Advocates