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Tuition and Fees

All students pursuing a JD or LLM degree at Cincinnati Law are classified into one of three tuition rates – Ohio resident, non-resident, or Kentucky Metropolitan Rate.

The chart below shows annual tuition and fee rates for full-time students during the 2017-18 year. This is the fifth consecutive year that tuition rates have not increased at the University.



Ohio Resident


Kentucky Metro Rate

Full-time Tuition and Fees

(JD and LLM)




 For more details, visit the Office of the Bursar website.


Estimated Living Expenses

In addition to tuition and fees, students must budget for their personal living expenses while at UC law school. Due to the relative low cost of living here, history has shown most students are able to live well far below the estimated 9 month living expense figures shown here:

Room and Board










Students are allowed to receive financial aid (any combination of scholarships, student loans, work-study, etc.) to cover both tuition and fees, as well as any amount up to this total for living expenses.

Virtually all UC Law JD and LLM students live off-campus - visit our housing site for more information.

Kentucky Metropolitan Rate

The Kentucky Metropolitan Rate is available to students who reside in any Kentucky county. Eligible residents in these counties qualify for the metropolitan rate which is equal to Ohio resident tuition and fees plus $300 per semester.

Additional Residency/Tuition Rates

Students in several other categories may also qualify for lower tuition rates and/or immediate Ohio residency:

  • Married Non-Resident Students
  • Veterans of the U.S. Armed Services
  • Residents of over 20 counties in southern and eastern Indiana
  • Independent, self-sustaining non-residents who have lived in Ohio for 12 months or more

To learn more, please visit our Residency/Reclassifying as an Ohio Resident page.


The College of Law offers more than 3 million scholarship dollars each year. For the last seven years, 100% of Cincinnati Law students have retained their full scholarship for all three class years. To learn more about scholarships, visit our Scholarships page.