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Faculty News
June 2005 Issue

Marjorie Aaron Professor of Practice
Director, Center for Negotiation & Problem Solving

Photo of Professor AaronMarjorie traveled to New Zealand to present three negotiation workshops:
• One three-day program
• One “Master Class” program for alumni of the three-day program from past years
• One tailored one-day program for the Office of Treaty Settlements

Marjorie was quoted in What To Do with Fountain Square?, Cincinnati Enquirer, May 15, 2005, at 1.

Profile of Professor Aaron :: Center for Practice in Negotiation & Problem Solving

Marianna Brown Bettman Invited Professor of Law
Photo of Professor BettmanMarianna’s monthly Legally Speaking column (in American Israelite, Cincinnati Herald, and City Beat) was on religion in sentencing, discussing:
People v. Harlan (Colorado Supreme Court reversed death sentence because jurors consulted Bibles brought into jury room during deliberations in penalty phase of trial)
State v. Arnett (6th Circuit upheld state trial judge's Biblical references during sentencing)

Profile of Professor Bettman

A. Christopher Bryant Associate Professor of Law
Photo of Professor BryantSeveral of Chris’s articles were cited in prestigious law reviews:
• Quirin Revisited, 2003 Wisconsin L. Rev. 309 (with Carl Tobias), in Lee Epstein et al., The Supreme Court during Crisis: How War Affects Only Non-war Cases , 80 N.Y. U. L. Rev. 1 (2005)
Remanding to Congress: The Supreme Court’s New “On the Record” Constitutional Review of Federal Statutes, 86 Cornell L. Rev. 328 (2001) (with Timothy J. Simeone), in Kevin S. Schwartz, Applying Section 5: Tennessee v. Lane and Judicial Conditions on the Congressional Enforcement Power, 114 Yale L.J. 1133 (2005)
• Youngstown Revisited, 29 Hastings Const’l L.Q. 373 (2002) (with Carl Tobias), in Curtis A. Bradley & Jack L. Goldsmith, Congressional Authorization and the War on Terrorism, 118 Harvard L. Rev. 2047 (2005)

Profile of Professor Bryant

Paul L. Caron Charles Hartsock Professor of Law
Director, Faculty Projects

Photo of Professor CaronPaul won the 2005 Harold C. Schott Scholarship Award.

Foundation Press published two new books in Paul’s Law Stories series:
Business Tax Stories, by Steven A. Bank (UCLA) & Kirk J. Stark (UCLA)
Labor Law Stories, by Laura J. Cooper (Minnesota) & Catherine L. Fisk (Duke)

Paul published several issues of his Tax Law Abstracts e-journals www.ssrn.com:
• 4 issues of Tax Law & Policy (vol. 6, nos. 16-19).
• 4 issues of Practitioner Series (vol. 5, nos. 16-19).
• 1 issues of International & Comparative Tax (vol. 5, no. 7) (co-edited with Robert A. Green (Cornell)).

Paul attended the ABA Tax Section meeting in Washington, D.C. His Tax Stories book (Foundation Press, 2003) was cited in Christopher H. Hanna, From Gregory to Enron: The Too Perfect Theory and Tax Law, 24 Virginia Tax Rev. 737 (2005)

Profile of Professor Caron

Rafael Gely Professor of Law
Photo of Professor GelyRafael won a 2005 Harold C. Schott Publication Prize.

Rafael’s article, Congressional Control or Judicial Independence: The Determinants of U.S. Supreme Court Labor-Relation Decisions, 23 RAND J. Economics 463 (1992) (with Pablo T. Spiller), was cited in Lee Epstein et. al, The Supreme Court during Crisis: How War Affects Only Non-war Cases, 80 N.Y.U. L. Rev. 1 (2005).

Profile of Professor Gely

Mark A. Godsey Associate Professor of Law
Faculty Director, Lois and Richard Rosenthal Institute for Justice, Ohio Innocence Project

Photo of Professor GodseyMark spoke about the Ohio Innocence Project with Gary Reece, who was recently released from prison, at three different downtown luncheons with business and civic leaders of Cincinnati. He also spoke to undergraduates on the Ohio Innocence Project at Miami University as part of the Law and Social Change Initiative.

Mark was quoted in:
Law & Order, Cleveland Plain Dealer, May 18, 2005, at B3
Prade To Appeal Decision: Judge Rules More DNA Testing Won’t Produce New Evidence in 1997 Akron Murder Case, Akron Beacon Journal, May 17, 2005, at A1

Two of Mark’s articles were cited in prestigious sources:
• Miranda’s Final Frontier – The International Arena: A Critical Analysis of U.S. v. Bin Laden and a Proposal for a New Miranda Exception Abroad, 51 Duke L. J. 1703 (2002), in Yale Kamisar et. al, Modern Criminal Procedure (West Group, 11th ed. 2005)
Educational Inequalities, The Myth of Meritocracy, and the Silencing of Minority Voices: The Need for Diversity on America's Law Reviews, 12 Harvard BlackLetter L.J. 59 (1995), in Celestial S.D. Cassman & Lisa R. Pruitt, A Kinder, Gentler Law School? Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Legal Education at King Hall, 38 Univ. California Davis L. Rev. 1209 (2005)

Profile of Professor Godsey :: Lois and Richard Rosenthal Institute for Justice/Ohio Innocence Project

Christo Lassiter Professor of Law
Photo of Professor LassiterChristo was quoted in Court Sex Case: TV Polygraph Non-factor, Cincinnati Enquirer, May 18, 2005, at Metro 1.

Profile of Professor Lassiter

Bert B. Lockwood, Jr. Distinguished Service Professor of Law
Director, Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights

Photo of Professor LockwoodBert hosted a group of visitors to the College from Belarus :
• Maksim Ahurtsou, Legal Advisor, RubyRose Group, Ltd
• Aleh Hrableuski, Director, Legal Department, Filon Kmita Support Center for Democratic Changes
• Dzmitry Salauyou, Chair, Novopolotsk Branch, Vyasna Human Rights Center
• Valiantsina Savastsiuk, Head Lawyer, Belarusian Helsinki Committee, Center of Legal Rights
• Liudmila Shcherbakova, Head, Borisov Branch, Belarusian Organization of Working Women (BOWW)

Bert was quoted in Genocide in Sudan, Cincinnati Enquirer, April 30, 2005, at 2.

Profile of Professor Lockwood :: Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights

S. Elizabeth Malloy Professor of Law
Director, Glen Weaver Institute for Law & Psychiatry

Photo of Professor MalloyBetsy’s Health Law Prof Blog, which she co-edits with Tom Mayo (SMU), crossed the 40,000-visitor mark. She published an editorial in the Legal Times, Pharmacist Conscience Clauses: Dispensing a New Morality? (May 30, 2005). Betsy spoke at the UC College of Medicine on No Change is Good Change: The Terri Schiavo Case and Advanced Directives.

Profile of Professor Malloy :: Glen Weaver Institute for Law and Psychiatry

Bradford C. Mank James B. Helmer Jr. Professor of Law
Photo of Professor MankTwo of Brad’s articles were cited in prestigious law reviews:
The Murky Future of the Clean Water Act after SWANCC: Using a Hydrological Connection Approach to Saving the Clean Water Act, 30 Ecology L.Q. 811 (2003), in Robin Kundis Craig, The Stevens/Scalia Principle and Why It Matters: Statutory Conversations and a Cultural Critical Critique of the Strict Plain Meaning Approach, 79 Tulane L. Rev. 955 (2005)
What Comes after Technology: Using an "Exceptions Process" to Improve Residual Risk Regulation of Hazardous Air Pollutants, 13 Stanford Envt’l. L.J. 263 (1994) in Matthew D. Adler’s Against "Individual Risk": A Sympathetic Critique of Risk Assessment, 153 Univ. Pennsylvania L. Rev. 1121 (2005).

Profile of Professor Mank

Donna M. Nagy Interim Dean and Charles Hartsock Professor of Law
Photo of Professor NagyDonna published Playing Peekaboo with Constitutional Law: The PCAOB and Its Public/Private Status, 80 Notre Dame L. Rev. 975 (2005). She spoke on a panel on Women and Corporate Governance at the University of Maryland School of Law and attended the annual meeting of the American Law Institute in Philadelphia, PA.

Two of Donna’s articles (The “Possession vs. Use” Debate in the Context of Securities Trading by Traditional Insiders: Why Silence Can Never Be Golden, 67 Univ. Cin. L. Rev. 1129 (1999), and Reframing the Misappropriation Theory of Insider Trading Liability: A Post-O’Hagan Suggestion, 59 Ohio St. L.J. 1223 (1998)) and one of her books (Securities Litigation and Enforcement: Cases and Materials (West Group, 2003) (with Richard W. Painter and Margaret V. Sachs) were cited in Mark J. Loewenstein & William K.S. Wang, The Corporation as Insider Trader, 30 Delaware J. Corporate L. 45 (2005).

Profile of Dean Nagy

Ronna G. Schneider Professor of Law
Photo of Professor SchneiderRonna won a 2005 Harold C. Schott Publication Prize.

Profile of Professor Schneider

Michael E. Solimine Donald P. Klekamp Professor of Law
Director, Extern Program

Photo of Professor Solimine Michael’s work was cited in a variety of prestigious books and articles:
The Quiet Revolution in Personal Jurisdiction, 73 Tulane Law Review 1 (1998), Deregulating Voluntary Dismissals, 32 Univ. Michigan J. of Law Reform 367 (2003), Deciding to Decide: Class Action Certification and Interlocutory Review by the United States Courts of Appeals Under Rule 23(f), 41 William & Mary L. Rev. 1531 (2000), and Revitalizing Interlocutory Appeals in the Federal Courts, 58 George Washington L. Rev. 1165 (1990), in Richard L. Marcus et. al, Civil Procedure: A Modern Approach (West Group, 4th ed. 2005)
Formalism, Pragmatism, and the Conservative Critique of the Eleventh Amendment, 101 Michigan L. Rev. 1463 (2003), in Jennifer Yatskis Dukart, Geduldig Reborn: Hibbs as a Success (?) of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Sex-Discrimination Strategy, 93 California L. Rev. 541 (2005)
Forum-Selection Clauses and the Privatization of Procedure, 25 Cornell Int'l L.J. 51 (1992), in Jason Webb Yackee, Choice of Law Considerations in the Validity & Enforcement of International Forum Selection Agreements: Whose Law Applies?, 9 UCLA J. Int'l L. & Foreign Affairs 43 (2004)

Profile of Professor Solimine

Suja Thomas Associate Professor of Law
Photo of Professor ThomasSuja’s article, Citation of Re-examining the Constitutionality of Remittitur Under the Seventh Amendment, 64 Ohio St. L.J. 731 (2003), was cited in Kevin M. Clermont, Principles of Civil Procedure (West Group, 2005).

Profile of Professor Thomas

Joseph P. Tomain Dean Emeritus and Wilbert and Helen Ziegler Professor of Law
Photo of Dean TomainJoe is engaged with research, publishing, and teaching in the areas of government regulation and law and the humanities. In addition, he is actively involved with a number of local, state, and national organizations and bar associations. Joe serves either as an officer, chair, or member of the governing boards of such organizations as: the Knowledgeworks Foundation; the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, the Mercantile Library, the Ohio State Bar Foundation, the Ohio Legal Assistance Foundation, and the American Bar Association. He also serves as consultant to two universities and a law school in matters of ABA accreditation.

Several of Joe’s books were cited in a variety of prestigious law reviews:
Energy Law and Policy for the 21st Century (Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation, 2000) (with James H. Hickey, Jr., Suedeen G. Kelly, Marla E. Mansfield & Donald N. Zillman) and Energy Law in a Nutshell (West Group, 2004) (with Richard D. Cudahy), in Sam Kalen, Replacing a National Energy Policy with a National Resource Policy, 9 Natural Resources & Env’t 9 (2005)
Regulatory Law and Policy: Cases and Materials (LexisNexis, 2d ed. 1998) (with Sidney A. Shapiro), in David Kostiner, Will Mechanicals Break the Digital Machine?: Determining a Fair Mechanical Royalty Rate for Permanent Digital Phonographic Downloads, 27 Hastings Comm. & Ent. L.J. 653 (2005).

Profile of Dean Emeritus and Wilbert and Helen Ziegler Professor Tomain

Verna L. Williams Associate Professor of Law
Photo of Professor WilliamsVerna’s article, Reading, Writing, and Reparations: Systemic Reform of Public Schools As a Matter of Justice, was accepted for publication in the Michigan Journal of Race and the Law.

Verna attended a retreat on revitalizing the women's movement, sponsored and organized by the Ford Foundation. She spoke on a panel concerning local movement-building efforts, during which she discussed her February conference, Women Coming Together: Claiming the Law for Social Change, and UC’s Joint Degree Program with Women’s Studies.

Verna spoke at the plenary session of Summit on the Status of Women and Girls in Greater Cincinnati, held at UC's Tangeman Center. Her co-panelist was former Cincinnati Mayor Roxanne Qualls. The focus of the Summit was a recent study sponsored by the Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation. The final report will be published in late July.

Profile of Professor Williams

Ingrid Brunk Wuerth Associate Professor of Law
Photo of Professor WuerthIngrid’s article, Authorizations for the Use of Force, International Law, and the Charming Betsy Canon, 46 Boston College L. Rev. (forthcoming 2005), was cited in Curtis A. Bradley & Jack L. Goldsmith, Congressional Authorization and the War on Terrorism, 118 Harvard L. Rev. 2047 (2005).

Profile of Professor Wuerth

Faculty News is edited by Paul L. Caron, Charles Hartsock Professor of Law and Director of Faculty Projects.
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