Faculty News

Faculty News
October 2002

Edited by Paul Caron,
Charles Hartsock Professor of Law and
Director of Faculty Projects

In This Issue

Marjorie Aaron
Marjorie was quoted in, A "Tough and Gutsy" Advocate for Justice, Cincinnati Enquirer, Oct. 10, 2002, at Tempo E1.

Joseph Biancalana
Joseph received the inaugural 2002 Harold C. Schott Scholarship Award and delivered a lecture to the law school community on The Three Faces of Legal History: A Plea for Context. He also presented a paper and served as a commentator at a conference on Current Issues in English Legal History at Arizona State University.

Paul Caron
Paul signed a contract with Anderson Publishing Co., now a unit of the Lexis Law Publishing Group, to serve as Series Editor of a new Graduate Tax Series of books designed for law school tax LL.M. programs. His Board of Editors consists of Ellen Aprill (Loyola (LA)), Elliott Manning (Miami), Philip Postlewaite (Northwestern), and David Richardson (Florida). Paul attended the AALS Faculty Recruitment Conference in Washington, D.C. as a member of the College of Law's interviewing team. He published several issues of his Tax Law Abstracts e-journals (www.ssrn.com): four issues each of Tax Law & Policy (vol. 3, nos. 34-37) and Practitioner Series (vol. 2, nos. 36-39) (both co-edited with Joseph Bankman (Stanford)); and one issues of International & Comparative Tax (vol. 2, no. 11) (co-edited with Robert A. Green (Cornell)).

Jack Chin
Jack's article, Is There a Plenary Power Doctrine? A Tentative Apology and Prediction for our Strange but Unexceptional Constitutional Immigration Law, 15 Georgetown Immigration L.J. 257 (2000), was cited in Anna Gallagher, Immigration Law Service (West 2d ed. 2002).

Rafael Gely
Rafael attended the AALS Faculty Recruitment Conference in Washington, D.C. as a member of the College of Law's interviewing team. His article, Whose Team Are You On? My Team or My Team?: The NLRA's Section 8(a)(2) and the TEAM Act, 49 Rutgers L. Rev. 323 (1997), was cited in William R. Corbett, Waiting for the Labor Law of the Twenty-first Century: Everything Old Is New Again, 23 Berkeley J. of Employment and Labor L. 259 (2002); and A Rational Choice Theory of Supreme Court Decision Making with Applications to the State Farm and Grove City Cases, 6 J. of Law, Economics & Organizations 263 (1990) (with Pablo T. Spiller), was cited in Robert M. Howard & Jeffrey A. Segal, An Original Look at Originalism, 36 Law & Society Review 113 (2002).

Christo Lassiter
Christo's article, TV or not TV -- That is the Question, 86 J. of Crim. L. & Criminology 928 (1996), was cited in Ryan Brett Bell & Paula Odysseos, Sex, Drugs, and Court TV? How America's Increasing Interest in Trial Publicity Impacts Our Lawyers And The Legal System, 15 Georgetown J. of Legal Ethics 653 (2002). He was quoted in Judges Spar on Roach Records, Cincinnati Enquirer, Oct. 12, 2002, at Metro B1.

Bert Lockwood
Bert was quoted in UC Not Thrilled with War Plans, Cincinnati Post, Oct. 9, 2002, at A14.

Betsy Malloy
Betsy attended the AALS Faculty Recruitment Conference in Washington, D.C. as a member of the College of Law's interviewing team. Her article, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Why Disability Law Claims Are Different, 33 Connecticut L. Rev. 603 (2001), was quoted in Ronald J. Krotoszynski, Jr, Why Deference?: Implied Delegations, Agency Expertise, and the Misplaced Legacy of Skidmore, 54 Administrative L. Rev. 735 (2002).

Brad Mank
Brad's article, Using § 1983 To Enforce Title VI's Section 602 Regulations, 49 Kansas L. Rev. 321 (2001), was cited in Keith E. Eastland, Environmental Justice and the Spending Power: Limits on Using Title VI and § 1983, 77 Notre Dame L. Rev. 1601 (2002), and in Jennifer C. Braceras, Killing the Messenger: The Misuse of Disparate Impact Theory to Challenge High-stakes Educational Tests, 55 Vanderbilt L. Rev. 1111 (2002).

Donna Nagy
Donna attended the AALS Faculty Recruitment Conference in Washington, D.C. as chair of the College of Law's interviewing team.

Jim O'Reilly
Jim presented the opponents' case in the Debate on State Ballot Issue One at the Cincinnati Women's City Club. He met with Deputy Solicitor General Kneedler and several federal legal executives for discussions on federal preemption as part of the research on his new textbook on Federal Preemption. Jim negotiated a new book contract with West for the initial text of their new Business Risk series. He participated in the panel of international experts on Ombudsmen at the World Bank as part of the ABA Annual Administrative Law conference. Jim hosted Chief Judge Daniel Roketenetz's presentation on Remedies for Employee Whistleblowers in his Administrative Law class.

Bill Rands
Bill's article, Domination of a Subsidiary by a Parent, 32 Indiana L. Rev. 421 (1999), was cited in Leah M. Chan, Corporate Law: A Year in the Life of Indiana Corporate Law, 35 Indiana L. Rev. 1321 (2002).

Michael Solimine
Michael published The Causes and Consequences of the Reapportionment Revolution, 1 Election L.J. 579 (2002) (reviewing Gary Cox & Jonathan Katz, Elbridge Gerry's Salamander: The Electoral Consequences of the Reapportionment Revolution (2002)). (The ELJ is co-edited by Professors Rick Hasen (Loyola (LA)) and Dan Lowenstein (UCLA)). Michael's work was cited in a variety of prestigious sources: The Next Word: Congressional Response to Supreme Court Statutory Decisions, 65 Temple L. Rev. 425 (1992) (with James L. Walker), in Jonathan T. Molot, Reexamining Marbury in the Administrative State: A Structural and Institutional Defense of Judicial Power over Statutory Interpretation, 96 Northwestern U. L. Rev. 1239 (2002); Shoring Up Article III: Legislative Court Doctrine in the Post CFTC v. Schor Era, 68 Boston U. L. Rev. 85 (1988), in John A. Ferejohn, Independent Judges, Dependent Judiciary: Institutionalizing Judicial Restraint, 77 NYU L. Rev. 962 (2002); Ideology and En Banc Review, 67 North Carolina L. Rev. 29 (1988), and Deciding to Decide: Class Action Certification and Interlocutory Review by the United States Courts of Appeals Under Rule 23(f), 41 William & Mary L. Rev. 1531 (2000). (with Christine Oliver Hines), in Federal Appellate Practice Guide 9th Circuit (West 2nd ed. 2002).

Suja Thomas
Suja's Note, Efforts to Integrate Housing: The Legality of Mortgage-Incentive Programs, 66 NYU L. Rev. 940 (1991), was cited in James A. Kushner, Government Discrimination: Equal Protection Law and Litigation (West 2002). She was quoted in, Time for a New Game Plan, Fans, Cincinnati Enquirer, Oct. 3, 2002, at Metro A1, and in, The Fact Bengals Stink Could Mean New Lease, Cincinnati Post, Oct. 16, 2002, at A1.

Joe Tomain
Joe organized and participated in the UC Strike Economic Issues Retreat seminar on the topic of Equity and Urban Development. He served on a panel at the American Bar Association Young Lawyers Division annual meeting. Joe attended the AALS Faculty Recruitment Conference in Washington, D.C. and lead the College of Law's recruitment efforts. He planned, organized, and facilitated the Fourth Annual Justice Institute for the Legal Profession in Newark, Ohio. The Justice Institute brings together experienced members of the Ohio bench, bar, and academe for an intensive discussion designed to deepen the understanding of legal ethics and professionalism. Joe's work was cited in a variety of prestigious sources: Electricity Restructuring: A Case Study in Government Regulation, 33 Tulsa L.J. 827 (1998), and Focus on Natural Resources Theory: The Dominant Model Of United States Energy Policy, 61 Univ. of Colorado L. Rev. 355 (1990), in James J. White, A Footnote for Jack Dawson, 100 Michigan L. Rev. 1954 (2002); Institutionalized Conflict Between Law and Policy, 22 Houston L. Rev. 661 (1985), in Charles H. Koch, Administrative Law And Practice (West 2002); and A Code of One's Own, 15 Notre Dame J. L. Ethics & Pubic Policy 153 (2001), in Joseph David Stutz, Recent Law Review Articles Concerning the Legal Profession, 26 J. of the Legal Profession 301 (2002).

Ingrid Wuerth
Ingrid attended the AALS Faculty Recruitment Conference in Washington, D.C. as a member of the College of Law's interviewing team. Her article, Challenges to Federal Facility Cleanups and CERCLA Section 113(h), 8 Tulane Envt'l L J 353 (1995), was cited in James T. O'Reilly & Caroline B. Buenger, RCRA and Superfund: A Practice Guide with Forms (West 2d ed. 2002).

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