Faculty News

Faculty News
September 2002

Edited by Paul Caron,
Charles Hartsock Professor of Law and
Director of Faculty Projects

In This Issue

Marjorie Aaron
Marjorie's two-part article, Initial Contacts in Mediation, was accepted for publication in the October and November issues of Alternatives, a publication of the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution.

Paul Caron
Paul published several issues of his Tax Law Abstracts e-journals (www.ssrn.com): four issues each of Tax Law & Policy (vol. 3, nos. 30-33) and Practitioner Series (vol. 2, nos. 32-35) (both co-edited with Joseph Bankman (Stanford)); and one issues of International & Comparative Tax (vol. 2, no. 10) (co-edited with Eric M. Zolt (Harvard)).

Jack Chin
Jack was named by Brian Leiter (Texas) as one of the 50-most cited law professors who began teaching in 1992 or later: EQR 50 Mosted Cited. He checked in at number 32 (tied with Stuart Banner (UCLA) and Mitu Gulati (Georgetown)) with 320 citations to his work. Jack's article, The Civil Rights Revolution Comes to Immigration Law: A New Look at the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, 75 North Carolina L. Rev. 273 (1996), was cited in Robert S. Chang & Peter Kwan, When Interests Diverge, 100 Michigan L. Rev. 1532 (2002).

Betsy Malloy
Betsy's article, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Why Disability Law Claims Are Different, 33 Connecticut L. Rev. 603 (2001), was cited in Lisa Eichhorn, Hostile Environment Actions, Title VII, and the ADA: The Limits of the Copy-and-Paste Function, 77 Washington L. Rev. 575 (2002).

Sara Stadler Nelson
Sara's article, The Wages of Ubiquity in Trademark Law, was accepted for publication in the Iowa Law Review.

Wendy Parker
Wendy's Book Review of What Brown v. Board of Education Should Have Said (Jack M. Balkin, ed., NYU Press, 2001), was published in 52 J. Legal Educ. 303 (2002).

Michael Solimine
Michael's work was cited in a variety of prestigious sources. Several of his books and articles were cited in Richard H. Fallon, Jr. et al., Hart & Weschler's The Federal Courts and the Federal System (2002 Supp.), and in Martin H. Redish & Suzanna Sherry, Federal Courts: Cases, Comments and Questions (5th ed. 2002). His article, An Economic and Empirical Analysis of Choice of Law, 24 Georgia L. Rev. 49 (1989), was cited in Ralph U. Whitten, U.S. Conflict-of Laws Doctrine and Forum Shopping, International and Domestic (Revisted), 37 Texas Int'l L.J. 559 (2002).

Suja Thomas
Suja's article, Judges Over Juries: Re-examining the Constitutionality of Remittitur, was accepted for publication in the Ohio State Law Journal.

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