University of Cincinnati College of Law
Editors: Paul Caron
& Joe Hodnicki
December 2001

In this issue

Marjorie Aaron
Marjorie designed and presented two one-day seminars, Negotiation Strategy and Practice and Advanced Negotiation Insights, for lawyers and businesspeople as the initial public education offerings of the College of Law's new Center for Practice in Negotiation and Problem Solving. Her former colleague, Michael Watkins of the Harvard Business School, served as co-faculty.

Dorothy Brown
Dorothy completed her stint as Visiting Professor of Law at Washington and Lee University School of Law.

Paul Caron
Paul agreed to teach the Estate and Gift Tax course at the 2002 New York University School of Law/Office of Chief Counsel Continuing Professional Education Program in Washington, D.C. for attorneys in the Internal Revenue Service, Treasury Department, and other Federal agencies. He published several issues of his Tax Law Abstracts e-journals (www.ssrn.com): three issues of Tax Law & Policy (vol. 2, nos. 45-47) and one issue of Practitioner Series (vol. 1, no. 11) (both co-edited with Joe Bankman (Stanford)); and one issue of International & Comparative Tax (vol. 1, no. 11) (co-edited with Eric Zolt (Harvard)).

Jack Chin
Jack was elected to the Board of the Society of American Law Teachers. His forthcoming book, Asian Pacific Americans and Law (Carolina Academic Press) (with Sumi Cho (DePaul)), was cited in Eric K. Yamamoto, Teaching Race Through Law: "Resources for a Diverse America," 89 California L. Rev. 1641 (2001) (book review).

Tom Eisele
Tom's article, From "Moral Stupidity" to Professional Responsibility, 21 Legal Studies Forum 193 (1997), was cited in W. Bradley Wendel, Nonlegal Regulation of the Legal Profession: Social Norms in Professional Communities, 54 Vanderbilt L. Rev. 1955 (2001).

Peter Letsou
Peter completed his stint as Visiting Professor of Law at the University of Connecticut School of Law. His casebook, Business Associations (Matthew Bender, 3d ed. 1996) (with Larry E. Ribstein (George Mason)), was cited in Larry E. Ribstein & Bruce H. Kobayashi, Choice of Form and Network Externalities, 43 William & Mary L. Rev. 79 (2001).

Betsy Malloy
Betsy's article, Something Borrowed, Something Blue: Why Disability Law Claims Are Different, 33 Connecticut L. Rev. 603 (2001), was extensively discussed and quoted in Melissa Cole, Beyond Sex Discrimination: Why Employers Discriminate Against Women with Disabilities When Their Employee Health Plans Exclude Contraceptives from Prescription Coverage, 43 Arizona L. Rev. 501 (2001).

Sara Nelson
Sara presented Mapping the Minefield of Copyright Ownership to the Procter & Gamble Legal Division.


Jim O'Reilly
Jim's article, The 411 on 515: How OIRA's Expanded Information Roles in 2002 Will Impact on Rulemaking and Agency Publicity Actions, has been accepted for publication in the Administrative Law Review. (He has shared preliminary drafts of the article with OMB officials at the request of OIRA's Deputy Director.) As chair of the ABA Committee on Government Information and Privacy, Jim is working to resolve federal Privacy Act conflicts between Social Security and state probate courts concerning oversight of "representative benefits payees" to prevent fraud. He has agreed to participate in 2002 meetings of the Georgetown University Institute on Public Policy and Safety. Jim also has agreed to participate in a local program on January 10 on risks from mold and building safety.

Michael Solimine
Several of Michael's articles were cited in prestigious law reviews this month: Ideology and En Banc Review, 67 North Carolina L. Rev. 29 (1988), in Carl Tobias, A Divisional Arrangement for the Federal Appeals Courts, 43 Arizona L. Rev. 633 (2001); Enforcement and Interpretation of Federal Civil Rights Actions, 19 Rutgers L.J. 295 (1988), in Ellen E. Deason, Enforcing Mediated Settlement Agreements: Contract Law Collides With Confidentiality, 35 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 33 (2001); and Deciding to Decide: Class Action Certification and Interlocutory Review by the United States Courts of Appeals Under Rule 23(f), 41 William & Mary L. Rev. 1531 (2000) (with Hines), in Laurence R. Helfer & Graeme B. Dinwoodie, Designing Non-National Systems: The Case of the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, 43 William & Mary L. Rev. 141 (2001).

Joe Tomain
Joe was a radio commentator on WKRC on military tribunals. He participated in a New Lawyer Training seminar in Columbus, where he presented The History and Structure of the Legal Profession. Joe co-chaired the ABA Section on Energy Law's compilation of the Year-in-Review for Electricity Restructuring.

Glen Weissenberger
Glen published 2002 editions of Maryland Evidence Courtroom Manual, Ohio Evidence Treatise, and Pennsylvania Evidence Courtroom Manual. He was selected to serve another one-year term as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Film Commission. His article, Reconstructing the Definition of Hearsay, 57 Ohio State L.J. 1525 (1996), was cited in Paul F. Kirgis, Meaning, Intention, and the Hearsay Rule, 43 William & Mary L. Rev. 275 (2001).

Verna Williams
Verna was quoted on cnn.com on the Grutter v. Bollinger case, which challenges the University of Michigan Law School's affirmative action program. She noted the importance of the case in squarely presenting the issue of whether diversity can justify affirmative action in the higher education context.


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