University of Cincinnati College of Law
Editors: Paul Caron
& Joe Hodnicki
April 2001

In this issue

Paul Caron
Paul's article, "The Federal Tax Implications of Bush v. Gore," was accepted for publication in the Washington University Law Quarterly. He assembled a group of tax law professors to write a book, Tax Stories: An In-Depth Look at the Ten Leading Supreme Court Tax Cases (other co-authors include Joe Bankman (Stanford), Pat Cain (Iowa), Joseph Dodge (Texas), Marjorie Kornhauser (Tulane), Joel Newman (Wake Forest), Dan Shaviro (NYU), and Deborah Schenk (NYU)). They hope to obtain a book contract by early summer, and plan to complete the book by August 2002.

Paul also published several issues of his three Tax Law Abstracts e-journals (www.ssrn.com): five issues of Tax Law & Policy (vol. 2, nos. 12-16) (co-edited with Joe Bankman); one issue of International & Comparative Tax (vol. 1, no. 2) (co-edited with Eric Zolt) and one issue of Practitioner Series (vol. 1, no. 2) (co-edited with Joe Bankman). His tax advice to Rodger Bingham ("Kentucky Joe") and the other Survivor finalists was featured in a front page story of The Cincinnati Enquirer's Business section on April 21.

Jack Chin
Jack's articles, "Effective Assistance of Counsel in the Guilty Plea Context" (with Richard Holmes '00) and "Regulating Race: Asian Exclusion and the Administrative State," were accepted for publication in, respectively, the Cornell Law Review and the Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review.

Rafael Gely
Rafael's article, "Distilling the Essence of Contract Terms: An Anti-antiformalist Approach to Contract and Employment Law," was accepted for publication in the Florida Law Review.


Brad Mank
Brad's article, "Proving an Environmental Justice Case: Determining an Appropriate Comparison Population," was accepted for publication in the Virginia Environmental Law Journal. The federal district court in New Jersey cited one of Brad's earlier articles, "Environmental Justice and Title VI: Making Recipient Agencies Justify their Siting Decisions," 73 Tulane L. Rev. 787 (1999), in South Camden Citizens in Action v. New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, 2001 WL 392472 (D.N.J. Apr. 19, 2001).

Jim O'Reilly
Jim published "Administrative Law Trends for the Environment in 2001: Watching the Three-Legged Race," in the ABA SEER Section magazine, Trends (May 2001).

Suja Thomas
Suja was invited to be a member of the new Strategic Planning Committee of the Women's Sports Foundation and attended the committee's first meeting (chaired by Billie Jean King) in New York.

Michael Van Alstine
Michael presented his paper, "The Costs of Legal Change," at Tulane University Law School on April 9 as part of our Scholar Exchange Program

Glen Weissenberger
Glen's article, "Judge Wirk Confronts Mr. Hillmon," was accepted for publication in the Boston University Law Review.

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