University of Cincinnati College of Law
Editors: Paul Caron,
Di Dickson & Joe Hodnicki
March 2001

In this issue

Joseph Biancalana
Joseph's article on 13th century custodia (trust-like arrangements that antedated the invention of trusts in the 14th century) was accepted for publication in the Journal of Legal History.

Paul Caron
Paul completed his article, "The Federal Tax Implications of Bush v. Gore," which is circulating among various law reviews. He also published four issues of Tax Law Abstracts: Tax Law & Policy (vol. 2, nos. 9-11) (co-edited with Joe Bankman) and published the inaugural issues of Tax Law Abstracts: International & Comparative Tax (Vol. 1, No. 1) (co-edited with Eric Zolt) and Tax Law Abstracts: Practitioner Series (Vol. 1, No. 1) (co-edited with Joe Bankman) (www.ssrn.com).

Jack Chin
Jack's article "Effective Assistance of Counsel and the Consequences of Guilty Pleas," was accepted for publication in the Cornell Law Journal (2001).

Jack is very proud to announce that because of the great work of the student editors of the Immigration and Nationality Law Review (as well as the signatures of many of you on a petition) the Wyoming Legislature passed on February 21, 2001, and Governor Geringer signed the following day, a bill repealing Wyoming's Anti-Asian Alien Land Law. The law had been on the books since 1943, and was designed to ensure that the Japanese Americans interned in Heart Mountain departed after the war ended by criminalizing their ownership of land. If you see James Muetzel, Elizabeth Mulcahy, Megan Matsumura or Kristina Sawyer, be sure to congratulate them on a significant accomplishment. We would like to congratulate Jack on his excellent leadership as well.

Jack presented his paper "Regulating Race: Asian Exclusion and the Administrative State" at Villanova, St. John's and Boston College law schools.

Jack participated on a panel at Columbia Law School on "Teaching Asian Pacific Americans and the Law."

Rafael Gely
Rafael completed his article, "Distilling the Essence of Contract Terms: An Anti-Antiformalist Approach to Contract and Employment Law," which is circulating among various law reviews.

Bert Lockwood
Bert has accepted an invitation from the Chinese Academy of Sciences to be one of seven foreign experts to a workshop on human rights and foreign policy in May. (The other American is political scientist David Forsythe of Nebraska.) The Chinese Academy is a think tank and there will be 20 Chinese participants from institutes, universities, and one or two governmental representatives.

Betsy Malloy
Betsy presented "Evolutionary Psychology: Is New Science Promoting Yesterday's Prejudices?" at Boston College as part of our Scholar Exchange Program.


Brad Mank
Brad completed his article, "Proving an Environmental Justice Case: Determining an Appropriate Comparison Population," which is circulating among various law reviews.

Brad completed the final draft of his book chapter on "The Rights of Indigenous Peoples to a Healthy Environment and Use of Natural Resources Under International Human Rights Law," for a Human Rights Treatise that is being edited by David Barnhizer and will be published by Ashcraft, a major English publisher. It will be forthcoming in 2001.

Donna Nagy
Donna, with co-authors Richard Painter (Illinois) and Margaret Sachs (Georgia), recently signed a contract with West to publish Securities Litigation: Cases and Materials. The project's completion date is targeted for September 2002 and, if all goes well, should result in the first casebook on the market devoted exclusively to the study of litigation under the federal securities laws.

Jim O'Reilly
Jim was named to the CALI Editorial Board in February. He organized and moderated a program at the ABA Midyear Meeting in San Diego on post-traumatic stress disorder claims in the veterans benefits system.

Jim worked with A.J. Stephani to host a UC Law - Weaver Institute - Legal Aid Society joint meeting on the same topic for tri-state area lawyers and veterans counselors.

Jim also organized and presented at two seminars on environmental auditing and compliance for the 10th Annual Manufacturers Environmental Symposium at Cincinnati Convention Center.

Wendy Parker
Wendy presented "Lessons from Desegregating Higher Education" at Kansas as part of our Scholar Exchange Program.

Ronna Schneider
Ronna addressed the Cincinnati Lawyer's Club on "Religion and the Supreme Court." She was also quoted in the Dayton Business Courier and the Cincinnati Post on different cases involving defamation and the Internet.

Michael Solimine
Michael presented a paper, "Supreme Court Monitoring of State Courts in the 21st Century," at a symposium at Indiana (Indianapolis) University School of Law.

Glen Weissenberger
Glen completed his article, "Judge Wirk Confronts Mr. Hillmon: A Narrative Having Something to Do With the Law of Evidence," which is circulating among various law reviews.

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