University of Cincinnati College of Law
Editors: Paul Caron
Di Dickson & Joe Hodnicki
January 2001

In this issue

Marjorie Aaron
Marjorie presented a negotiation workshop for the Grassroots Leadership Academy, a not-for-profit city sponsored organization that seeks to provide education at the community level for Cincinnati neighborhoods and potential leaders. She also attended the Winter Meeting of the CPR Institute for Dispute Resolution where she is an Academic member and a member of CPR's Ethics Commission and she has been asked to serve on a commission of the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution, examining the issue of Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) and mediation. She serves as representative of the Section's Mediation Committee.

Marianna Bettman
Marianna had op ed pieces on school vouchers and on merit selection of judges published both in the Cleveland Plain Dealer and in the Cincinnati Enquirer. The merit selection piece in the Plain Dealer was followed by an editorial in which Marianna is prominently featured, and called a "respected expert". The editorial states that by Marianna joining Chief Justice Moyer in endorsing merit selection, "proponents of merit selection have acquired powerful and credible allies." The op ed piece on merit selection was also posted electronically and in print in Ohio Lawyer's Weekly.

Marianna and Governor Gilligan co-authored an article called "Public Funds Should be used for Public Schools" in Primer, published by the New Ohio Institute, an environmental think thank. The article in Primer is a shorter version of the article at www.newohio.org.

WVXU aired Marianna's commentaries on the U.S. Supreme Court decision on random drug checkpoints (City of Indianapolis v. Edmond), the 6th circuit decision on the Cleveland voucher program (Simmons-Harris v. Zelman), the Ohio Supreme Court decision on the forcible medication of involuntarily institutionalized mentally ill persons (Steele v. Hamilton County Community Mental Health Board) and on merit selection of judges.

Joseph Biancalana
Joseph's article, "Actions of Covenant 1200-1330," was accepted for publication in the Law & History Review.

Dorothy Brown
Dorothy attended the AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Paul Caron
Paul attended the AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco and the ABA Section on Taxation Mid-Year Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. He published three issues of Tax Law and Policy Abstracts (co-edited with Joe Bankman) (www.ssrn.com).

Jack Chin
Jack spoke on the "Talk of the City" show on WCIN on the legal issues surrounding the election.

The following appeared in Asian Week in a "Hats Off to Heroes in 2000" section:

"Professor Jack Chin and his law students on the University of Cincinnati Immigration and Nationality Law Review, who are working to persuade Wyoming, Florida and New Mexico to repeal their anti-Asian alien land laws. In the first half of the 20th century, a number of states had laws restricting the rights of aliens ineligible to citizenship to own land as well as enjoy other privileges, such as business and professional licenses. Aliens ineligible to citizenship was a code word for Asians, who, not being free white persons or persons of African nativity or descent could not naturalize under the federal immigration laws at the time. While most states repealed their laws over the years, Florida, New Mexico and Wyoming have not. The alien land laws in these states are not enforced and unconstitutional, but Chin and his students and allies are using this campaign as a lesson in history and activism. "

Rafael Gely
Rafael's article "Restricting Public Employees' Political Activities: Good Government or Partisan Politics," was published in 37 Houston Law Review 775 (2000) (with T. Chandler).

Christo Lassiter
Christo attended the AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Bert Lockwood
Bert wrote an opinion piece in the January issue of the Cincinnati Bar Association Report calling for the elimination of the Electoral College. Bert was also a guest on the live call-in program "Talk-To-America" broadcast around the world by Voice of America. The subject was the new Permanent International Criminal Court.



Betsy Malloy
Betsy attended the AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Brad Mank
Brad has been invited to write a book chapter on the environmental rights of indigenous peoples for a treatise on Human Rights law that will be edited by David Barnhizer and published by Ashcraft.

Barbara McFarland
Barbara attended the AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco. As the next step in planning workshops aimed at increasing the college's bar passage rate, Barbara attended several sessions geared toward the development of skills workshops.

Donna Nagy
Donna attended the AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Jim O'Reilly
Jim attended the AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Jim published Vols. 1 and 2 of Accident Prevention Manual, National Safety Council, as well as the 3rd edition of Federal Information Disclosure (2 vol. West). Jim published supplements for Food & Drug Administration (West) and State & Local Government Solid Waste Management (West). Jim received positive peer-reviewer feedback on his manuscript for "Crisis Management in the Food Industry", (Aspen).

Jim's article, "Administrative Law Trends for the Environment in 2001: Watching the Potato Sack Race," was accepted by the ABA SEER Environmental Trends newsletter. It discusses the impact of administrative law trends of judicial review upon environmental policy setting (speculating on the Bush-Whitman EPA rollbacks). He also published an article in the Journal of Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society regarding FDA control of drug advertising after recent D.C. Circuit decisions.

Jim was also in articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer (Medical Device Malpractice) and St. Louis Post-Dispatch (Firestone Recalls).

Bill Rands
Bill attended the AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Ronna Schneider
Ronna attended the AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Michael Solimine
Michael attended a conference in Washington D.C. on Reform of State Judicial Articles in State Constitutions, sponsored by the Center for State Constitutional Studies at Rutgers-Camden. He also presented a paper, "The Failed Promise of Judicial Elections in Ohio," at a symposium on judicial elections at Capital University Law School. The proceedings will be published in that school's Law Review.

Suja Thomas
Suja was prominently featured in an office.com article on women attorneys. (www.office.com) Suja attended the AALS Annual Conference in San Francisco and made a brief presentation on a panel called "Advancing the Legal Academy: Strategies for Recruiting People of Color as Law Professors" in place of Jack Chin, who was unable to attend the AALS Annual Meeting.

Glen Weissenberger
Glen attended the AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco. At the AALS meeting, he concluded his term on the Advisory Board of the AALS Evidence Section.

Glen published the following books: Weissenberger's Ohio Evidence Treatise (12th Edition), Weissenberger's New Jersey Evidence 2001 Courtroom Manual, Weissenberger's Pennsylvania Evidence 2001 Courtroom Manual, Weissenberger's Ohio Evidence Case Service 2001-1, Florida Evidence 2001 Courtroom Manual, and Michigan Evidence 2001 Courtroom Manual.

Glen's horse, Disappearance, ran first at Thistle Downs. An article relating to Glen's involvement in the International Brotherhood of Magicians appeared in The Wall Street Journal. Glen has also been nominated to serve on the Board of Trustees of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He also continues to serve as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Film Commission and he attended the premier of Traffic.

Ingrid Wuerth
Ingrid attended the AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco.



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