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Accounting Rules
Form and Content of Financial Statements

Regulation S-X

Rule 3-03 -- Instructions to Income Statement Requirements

    (a) The statements required shall be prepared in compliance with the applicable requirements of this Regulation.

    (b) If the registrant is engaged primarily

      (1) in the generation, transmission or distribution of electricity, the manufacture, mixing, transmission or distribution of gas, the supplying or distribution of water, or the furnishing of telephone or telegraph service; or

      (2) in holding securities of companies engaged in such businesses,

    it may at its option include statements of income and cash flows (which may be unaudited) for the twelve-month period ending on the date of the most recent balance sheet being filed, in lieu of the income statements for the interim periods specified.

    (c) If a period or periods reported on include operations of a business prior to the date of acquisition, or for other reasons differ from reports previously issued for any period, the statements shall be reconciled as to sales or revenues and net income in the statement or in a note thereto with the amounts previously reported;

    Provided, however,

    That such reconciliations need not be made

      (1) if they have been made in filings with the Commission in prior years or

      (2) the financial statements which are being retroactively adjusted have not previously been filed with the Commission or otherwise made public.

    (d) Any unaudited interim financial statements furnished shall reflect all adjustments which are, in the opinion of management, necessary to a fair statement of the results for the interim periods presented. A statement to that effect shall be included. Such adjustments shall include, for example, appropriate estimated provisions for bonus and profit sharing arrangements normally determined or settled at year-end. If all such adjustments are of a normal recurring nature, a statement to that effect shall be made; otherwise, there shall be furnished information describing in appropriate detail the nature and amount of any adjustments other than normal recurring adjustments entering into the determination of the results shown.

    (e)Disclosures regarding segments required by generally accepted accounting principles shall be provided for each year for which an audited statement of income is provided. To the extent that the segment information presented pursuant to this instruction complies with the provisions of Item 101 of Regulation S-K, the disclosures may be combined by cross-referencing to or from the financial statements.

Regulatory History

45 FR 63687, Sept. 25, 1980. Redesignated at 47 FR 29836, July 9, 1982, and amended at 50 FR 25215, June 18, 1985; 50 FR 49532, Dec. 3, 1985; 57 FR 45292, Oct. 1, 1992; 64 FR 1728, 1734, Jan. 12, 1999

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