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General Rules and Regulations
for Electronic Filings

Regulation S-T



    Rule 10 -- Application of Part 232

    Rule 11 -- Definition of Terms Used in the Regulation

    Rule 12 -- Business Hours of the Commission

    Rule 13 -- Date of Filing; Adjustment of Filing Date

    Rule 14 -- Paper Filings Not Accepted Without Exemption


    Rule 100 -- Persons and Entities Subject to Mandated Electronic Filing

    Rule 101 -- Mandated Electronic Submissions and Exceptions

    Rule 102 -- Exhibits

    Rule 103 -- Liability for Transmission Errors or Omissions in Documents Filed Via EDGAR

    Rule 104 -- Unofficial PDF Copies Included in an Electronic Submission

    Rule 105 -- Limitation on Use of HTML Documents and Hypertext Links

    Rule 106 -- Prohibition Against Electronic Submissions Containing Executable Code


    Rule 201 -- Temporary Hardship Exemption

    Rule 202 -- Continuing Hardship Exemption


    Rule 301 -- EDGAR Filer Manual

    Rule 302 -- Signatures

    Rule 303 -- Incorporation by Reference [Effective until Nov. 4, 2002.]

    Rule 304 -- Graphic and Image Material

    Rule 305 -- Number of Characters Per Line; Tabular and Columnar Information

    Rule 306 -- Foreign Language Documents and Symbols [Effective until Nov. 4, 2002.]

    Rule 307 -- Bold Face Type

    Rule 308 -- Type Size and Font; Legibility

    Rule 309 -- Paper Size; Binding; Sequential Numbering; Number of Copies

    Rule 310 -- Marking Changed Material

    Rule 311 -- Documents Submitted in Paper Under Cover of Form SE [Effective until Nov. 4, 2002.]

    [Effective Nov. 4, 2002.] Rule 311 -- Documents Submitted in Paper Under Cover of Form SE

    Rule 312 -- Accommodation for Certain Information in Filings with Respect to Asset-backed Securities

    Rule 401 -- XBRL-Related Documents Submissions

    Rule 402 -- Liability for XBRL-Related Documents

    Rule 403 -- [RESERVED]

    Rule 404 -- [RESERVED]

    Rule 405 -- Interactive Data File Submissions and Postings

    Rule 406T -- Temporary Rule Related to Interactive Data Files.


    Rule 501 -- Modular Submissions and Segmented Filings


    Rule 600 -- [Reserved]

    Rule 601 -- Foreign Private Issuers and Foreign Governments [Effective until Nov. 4, 2002.]

    Rule 602 -- through Rule 903 [Reserved]

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