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General Rules and Regulations
under the
Securities Exchange Act of 1934

Regulation 14E (Rules 14e-1 to 14f-1)


For the scope of and definitions applicable to Regulation 14E, refer to Rule 14d-1.

    Rule 14e-1 -- Unlawful Tender Offer Practices

    Rule 14e-2 -- Position of Subject Company with Respect to a Tender Offer

    Rule 14e-3 -- Transactions in Securities on the Basis of Material, Nonpublic Information in the Context of Tender Offers

    Rule 14e-4 -- Prohibited Transactions in Connection with Partial Tender Offers

    Rule 14e-5 -- Prohibiting Purchases Outside of a Tender Offer

    Rule 14e-6 -- Repurchase Offers by Certain Closed-End Registered Investment Companies

    Rule 14e-7 -- Unlawful Tender Offer Practices in Connection with Roll-Ups

    Rule 14e-8 -- Prohibited Conduct in Connection with Pre-commencement Communications

    Rule 14f-1 -- Change in Majority of Directors

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