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General Rules and Regulations
under the
Securities Act of 1933

Rule 478 -- Powers to Amend or Withdraw Registration Statement

All persons signing a registration statement shall be deemed, in the absence of a statement to the contrary, to confer upon the registrant, and upon the agent for service named in the registration statement, the following powers:
  1. A power to amend the registration statement

    1. by filing an amendment as provided in Rule 473;

    2. by filing any written consent;

    3. by correcting typographical errors;

    4. by reducing the amount of securities registered, pursuant

      to an undertaking contained in the registration statement.

  2. A power to make application pursuant to Rule 475 for the Commission's consent to the filing of an amendment.

  3. A power to withdraw the registration statement or any amendment or exhibit thereto.

  4. A power to consent to the entry of an order under section 8(b) of the act, waiving notice and hearing, such order being entered without prejudice to the right of the registrant thereafter to have the order vacated upon a showing to the Commission that the registration statement as amended is no longer incomplete or inaccurate on its face in any material respect.

Regulatory History

Reg. C, 12 FR 4076, June 24, 1947, as amended at 16 FR 8737, Aug. 29, 1951

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