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Business and Entrepreneurship Law

Many lawyers describe themselves as “business lawyers.” Indeed, according to one estimate, sixty percent of lawyers identify business law as a significant part of their practice, and the range of their experiences varies. Business lawyers may serve as outside counsel to their business clients, join the business as in-house counsel, or be employed by, or practice before, federal or state governmental agencies. Some areas of the curriculum that are useful in preparing for business practice are business and corporate law, commercial law, tax law, and employment and labor law. Some foundational courses in this area that are useful to all business lawyers are Corporations I and Federal Income Tax, both of which are prerequisites for some more advanced classes. Students with little background in business may elect to take Business Basics for Lawyers to learn basic concepts in accounting, finance, and other aspects of business. Students can refine their knowledge and skills by exploring courses offered in these areas:

Other Helpful Courses

  • Administrative Law
  • Computer & Internet Law
  • Computer Crime Law
  • Environmental Law I
  • Introduction to Intellectual Property
  • Media Law
  • Mediation
  • Negotiations
  • Sports Law
  • White Collar Crime

Sample Student Schedule

Linked here is a sample of a student schedule of a fictitious student who is interested in business law. This is designed to give some idea of the many ways courses can be woven into a curriculum designed to build your knowledge of business and other areas of the law, prepare you to take a bar exam, and help you acquire professional skills. You can create many wonderful schedules that include these courses. This one is merely a sample that, frankly, should only be used to spur your ideas about the best curriculum for you. You may also want to discuss your scheduling choices with professors, practitioners, upper-level students and Dean Oliver. Please remember that you must ensure that your schedule will meet all the requirements for graduation. Also remember that the classes listed in this sample schedule may not be offered in the particular semester shown here while you are in law school and that the number of credits may vary from year to year.

Jonathan Smith – Student interested in joining a business law department in a law firm

Other Student Learning Opportunities

Experiential Learning Opportunities

Centers and Institutes

Joint Degree Programs

Other Student Activities

Student Organizations — sampling

* See complete list of student organizations.


Business and Corporate Law

Lin (Lynn) Bai
Professor of Law

Barbara Black
Charles Hartsock Professor of Law and Director, Corporate Law Center

Lewis Goldfarb
Associate Professor of Clinical Law and Director, Entrepreneurship and Community Development Center

Sean K. Mangan
Associate Professor of Practice

Felix B. Chang
Assistant Professor of Law and Director, Institute for the Global Practice of Law

Commercial Law

Jacob Katz Cogan
Professor of Law

Emily Ming-Sue Houh
Gustavus Henry Wald Professor of Law and Contracts

Kristin Kalsem
Professor of Law

Employment and Labor Law

Ann Hubbard
Professor of Law

S. Elizabeth Malloy
Andrew Katsanis Professor of Law

Tax Law

Stephanie McMahon
Professor of Law

Recent Student Stories

Matt Mikhail '13. Matt Mikhail spent 10 weeks living and working in Manhattan, as part of a fellowship program created by College of Law alumnus and CEO of The Continuum Company LLC (TCC), Ian Bruce Eichner. Mikhail and classmate Yinan Zhang received hands on legal and business training working for Eichner’s real estate development firm. (Read More)

Brian Pokrywka '12. While March is a busy time for any UC law student, Moot Court has certainly kept Brian Pokrywka '12 on his toes this month. Pokrywka, the Moot Court executive director, recently participated in a moot court competition of his own in Boston, while he has been hard at work preparing for the UC-hosted August Rendigs Products Liability competition at the end of the month. (Read More)

Austin Allison ’11. A Corporate Law Center fellow, Allison enjoys applying the lessons he's learned in the classroom to real-life business experiences. After buying his first house when he was 17, he became a licensed realtor at 18 and began working at Duke Realty Corp. At the age of 24, Allison is the co-founder and CEO of The DotLoop Company a multi-million-dollar software design firm. After graduating from the university, he realized that law school would make him better prepared to become a successful entrepreneur - even though he was already running a successful business. "Law school has given me the opportunity to further my education from a business perspective. Entrepreneurs are problem solvers, and so are lawyers. I've learned to think differently, especially about problems and ways to leverage my resources for the best solution. I am a better decision-maker now." (Read More)

Aaron Bernay '10. A global perspective is what Aaron Bernay, Class of 2010, brings to every class he attends at UC Law. . . Following graduation from George Washington University, he took almost seven years off before returning to law school. During that time, he worked for an international trade practice of a Washington, DC law firm. . . . Bernay’s passion for human rights and desire for a quality legal education led him to UC. . . . “I thought UC was an excellent school with many worthwhile programs to offer like the Corporate Law Center and the Urban Morgan Institute. What impressed me most, in hindsight, was the quality of the first year instruction.” Bernay split his first summer working at General Electric and the downtown firm of Frost Brown Todd, where he actively participated in both corporate and commercial legal issues. This summer he plans to return to the firm and believes that his involvement with the Corporate Law Center has helped him focus his interests. “As a fellow, you assist Professor Black with research and participate in Center activities such as the spring symposium,” he explained. (Read More)

UC Alumni Careers

Some places our graduates have worked include:

  • Avon
  • Kroger
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Reginal and national law firms with corporate law practice areas
  • U.S. Department of Justice, Anti-Trust Division

Jordan Cheng '00. For a man who wasn't sure what he wanted to do when he grew up, Jordan Cheng, '00 loves where he has ended up. As Director of the Legal Compliance Department for Franklin Capital Corporation in Salt Lake City, Utah, Cheng's daily tasks include managing the firm’s litigation and executive complaints program along with the federal and state law compliance program. (Read more)

Shane Starkey '95, originally from Youngstown, Ohio, came to the College of Law right after graduating from Wittenberg University in 1992. At Wittenberg, Starkey majored in economics, with a minor in philosophy. (Read more)

Stephen Ewald '94.Studies show that birth order can impact the personality of children. Some might say, though, being the youngest of six prepared '94 College of Law graduate Stephen Ewald for being a highly successful businessman. He currently works as Chief Operating Officer for the Principal Capital Group, a proprietary investing group within Bank of America Securities, where he oversees enterprise business planning, expense control, business strategy and architecture, compliance, legal and infrastructure design encompassing trading support. (Read more)

Richard Chesley '85. After finishing his undergraduate studies at Northwestern University, where he majored in political science and economics, Richard Chesley ’85 couldn’t decide between law and business for graduate school. “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do,” he says, “but ultimately I decided that law school was the better path for me.” (Read more)

Patricia Laub '83.Louisville, Kentucky native Patricia Laub ‘83 came to Cincinnati and the College of Law after attending the University of Dayton, graduating with a degree in political science and a minor in philosophy. During her time at UD, Laub met her future husband, David, to whom she has been married for 31 years. (Read more)

Paul Heldman ’77, Lynn Marmer '86, and Hillary Vollmer ’99 are all putting the skills they began to hone at UC Law to good use at Kroger. Although they took different paths to get to Kroger, all three UC Law alumni are able to point to certain characteristics that are valuable for those practicing corporate law. Vollmer stated that her law school experience has helped her in her practice because she learned, from being put on the spot in classes, how to analyze a situation and give a confident answer quickly. She explained that, especially in an in-house environment where professionals from various aspects for the company come to you to bounce ideas off of you, it is extremely beneficial to be able to analyze a situation and give a competent answer at that moment. Heldman emphasized that all corporate attorneys must possess fundamental legal skills, especially in the areas of writing and speaking, and these skills can be cultivated in law school. Marmer advises students to get involved in the community in order to make contacts and connections that can open doors for you both professionally and personally. (Read more about Heldman) (Read more about Marmer) (Read more about Vollmer)

Mark Levey '72. When 1972 UC Law graduate Mark Levey isn't litigating a complex international tax issue, you can find him on the ski slopes with his wife and five children near their vacation home in Vermont. As a partner at Baker & McKenzie in New York, Levey specializes in transfer pricing, tax controversy and litigation, supply chain tax planning, tax advice for mergers and acquisitions and corporate restructuring, and general tax planning. His fluency in both English and French allow him interact with clients on an international level. (Read more)

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