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Admissions-eNews July 2009

Ohio Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Justice Reform Bill that Originated in UC College of Law

Four new provisions for reform in the way that serious criminal cases are handled in the state of Ohio were approved as part of a bill put in front of the Ohio Senate on Wednesday. The roots of the reform effort reach back to a group of current UC law students. (Read more)

Professor Bert Lockwood and the Urban Morgan Institute Advocate for Human Rights

Bert Lockwood, Distinguished Service Professor of Law, teaches Constitutional Law I and a human rights seminar at UC Law, but he wants to talk about that only briefly.  Professor Lockwood has been in the human rights field for over 40 years, and many of his courses revolve around related issues. (Read more)


Entertainment Attorneys Diana O’Brien and Mike Runnels Bring a Fresh Look to Hollywood

How far can the UC Law connection take you?  For two law school graduates, Diana O’Brien ‘97 and Mike Runnels ‘91, it can take you all the way to Hollywood.  See how they traveled from the Queen City to Tinseltown. (Read more)

From UC Law to the State Department…Meet Kate Pongonis ’97

It was a lucky coincidence that Kate Pongonis ’97 was chosen to be featured in this issue of Updates@UC Law. Contacting her would soon have been a bit more challenging, seeing as she’s off to Ethiopia for the next two years.  As a United States Foreign Service Officer, Pongonis is a diplomat with the U.S. Department of State. (Read More)

Chandani Jones ’10 Combines Law and Public Service

Chandani Jones has a tremendous energy that is certainly contagious. She has travelled a long way to get to UC Law’s Class of 2010 – from the Virgin Islands to Nashville, Tennessee to Uzbekistan and back to the U.S. (Read more)