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Upper Level Experience

After the first year, students take required classes that help them learn about interviewing and counseling clients, develop an ethical sensitivity, and hone their writing skills. Students also select from a rich array of elective courses in areas of study related to their professional interests. By engaging in these studies, students develop the breadth of knowledge to organize and classify their clients’ legal problems and the depth of knowledge to help their clients achieve their objectives.

Based on their interests and passions, students can prepare to practice in many areas of law including business, criminal, international, public interest and other areas of the law. The curriculum is divided into Professional Pathways to help students select their classes.

Students have many opportunities to learn the work of lawyers by working in their offices, courtrooms, businesses, and governmental and nonprofit organizations. These Experiences help students build professional skills and develop a professional identity. Through the Legal and Judicial Externship programs, students learn from both a classroom teacher and a field-placement supervisor. Through our many Clinics, students represent clients in various settings as they face criminal charges, form businesses, appeal trial court decisions, and recover from domestic violence, among others. With Cincinnati’s 10 Fortune 500 companies, 800 law firms, and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, the opportunities for experiential learning and post-graduated employment are always close by.

Students also hone their skills through participating in Journals and competition teams. With five Journals, students have a significant opportunity to develop their writing and editing skills while also acting as leaders of complex and influential organizations. Through the Moot Court and Trial Practice Competition Teams, students can practice their litigation skills while representing UC in intercollegiate competitions. Other learning opportunities in the upper level come from our Centers and Institutes, our Student Organizations, Volunteering, and Fellowships.

Students receive expert guidance from our Center for Professional Development (CPD) as they build their professional identities. The CPD helps students explore and develop their interests through programs that help students find an attorney mentor, meet attorneys practicing in many areas of the law, visit offices where attorneys practice, and explore alternative careers. Through personal advising sessions each year of law school with a CPD advisor, students form a personal professional plan aimed at helping them identify and achieve their professional goals.