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Program Overview

Mank Associate Dean Bradford Mank

The academic program at the University of Cincinnati College of Law provides its graduates with the opportunity to equip themselves for effective and creative participation in the roles lawyers play in our society. These roles include counselor, litigator, negotiator, drafter, advocate, and decision-maker in virtually all aspects of our society, public and private, civil and criminal. Lawyers are also involved in all aspects of government at the local, state, and federal levels in the executive, legislative, judicial, and administrative areas of government. Lawyers are also intimately involved in the multitude of affairs, including business and family, that constitute our national life. Some graduates choose to pursue positions in which knowledge of law is helpful to their success in business and other professional roles.

The College of Law‘s academic program prepares its graduates to perform effectively as professionals, imparting a combination of substantive knowledge, ethical sensitivity, and analytical and practical skills. This preparation will enable our graduates not only to function competently in the period immediately following admission to the bar, but also to grow and to adapt as the law and society develop, and the roles they play and the context in which they play them change over time. Our graduates are prepared to be life-long learners ready to grow and adapt in a changing and interconnected world.

First-year students build the foundation of their legal knowledge with the support of a small learning community and faculty mentors. In the second and third years, students build a depth and breadth of knowledge while learning the skills and values of the profession of law. Our location in Cincinnati allows students to connect with law firms, businesses, courts, and nonprofit organizations to build experiences that prepare them to become professionals. Also situated in a great research university, our students have the opportunity to gain interdisciplinary knowledge by taking classes from other Colleges that will help them understand the context in which law operates and to become strong problem solvers.