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JD/MA in Political Science

This program outline is for general information purposes only, is subject to change, and is not a specific curriculum guide for currently enrolled students.


The joint degree program in Political Science and Law enables students to complete an MA/JD in four years. This experience is jointly administered by the College of Arts & Sciences Department of Political Science and the College of Law.

Both programs allow all students, whether or not enrolled for joint degrees, to count eight credit hours of cognate elective courses from the other department or college. All law students also have the option of pursuing the Graduate Certificate in Public Opinion and Survey Research offered by the political science department.


Applications for admission to the Law School and the political science department must be filed separately. Law school applicants and first year law students may submit LSAT scores to the Political Science Department in lieu of GRE scores. Each school's decision to admit or not to admit is based solely on that school's selection criteria. Applicants may apply simultaneously to both schools; if admitted to both, a deferment must be requested at one of the two schools. Alternatively, an applicant may apply only to one school, and then apply to the other school at a later date. Students currently enrolled in either the political science or J.D. program may apply to the other program for admission for a joint degree. Based on ABA guidelines, non-law credits counted toward the JD must be taken after completing the first year of law school. Tuition will be charged at the college rate where the student is enrolled for that year.