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Paul Tagen (ficticious)

Paul is a student who grew up in Allen, Michigan. As an undergraduate, he majored in psychology and participated in a summer semester program in Washington D.C. He believes that he would like to start out his career by working at a governmental agency in Washington D.C. because he so much enjoyed his summer experience there while an undergraduate student. He also believes that he would like his first job to give him litigation experience. In addition to exploring his interest in public interest law, he wants to prepare to take a bar exam and learn professional skills. Here are the schedules he selected in his second and third years of law school:


Ethics (Required)
First Amendment Seminar (Seminar)
Civil Rights Litigation
Federal Income Tax
Criminal Procedure I
Moot Court Competition (Meets Writing Requirement)

Business Associations
Client Counseling (Required)
American Legal History
Family Law
Corporations I
Criminal Procedure II
Moot Court


Disability Law (Seminar)
Immigration Law and Policy
Introduction to Intellectual Property
Legal Externship at a Local Governmental Agency
Moot Court

Corporations II
Human Rights Seminar (Seminar)
Employment Discrimination
Gender and the Law
Moot Court