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Jean Schoor (ficticious)

Jean is a student who grew up in Akron, Ohio. As an undergraduate, she majored in Political Science, and she was engaged in many public interest extra-curricular activities. She was the philanthropy chair of her sorority, and, in this position, she organized a large blood donation drive, a musical play that donated all proceeds to a local charity, and a food drive for a local food bank. She is undecided about the path of her future career, but she believes that she would like to start out by working in a local nonprofit agency. She believes she would like her work to involve advocacy on behalf of a particular societal group such as children or the elderly. In addition to exploring her interest in public interest law, she wants to prepare to take a bar exam and learn professional skills. Here are the schedules she selected in her second and third years of law school:


Ethics (Required) 
Disability Law
Criminal Procedure I

Client Counseling (Required)
Gender and the Law
Critical Race Theory (Seminar)
Legal Externship at a Nonprofit Agency in Cincinnati


Education Law (Seminar)
Federal Income Tax
Secured Transactions
Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Order Clinic

Employment Discrimination
Feminst Jurisprudence
Corporations I
Trial Practice
Advanced Topics in Law - Chesley Short Course