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Science, Health, and Environment

Science plays a fundamental role in many, varied areas of the law.  Scientific advancements, theories, and principles go hand-in-hand with the law in areas including Environmental and Energy Law and Health Law. 

Environmental and Energy Law

Concerns about the environment are important in many aspects of our society. Topics such as conservation, pollution, climate change, and endangered species are in the news every day. Environmental issues also arise frequently in many business contexts such as the sale of real property and the disposal of industrial waste.

The introductory course in this area is Environmental Law I, which interested students should take in their second year. Other courses offered may include:

  • Environmental Law II
  • International Environmental Law
  • Introduction to Intellectual Property: Practice One
  • Research Seminar: Energy Policy and Climate Change

Skills:  Students can build on their knowledge and skills by participating in an externship in this area of the law and joining the Environmental Law Society.

Health Law

Health law touches one of the largest industries in the U.S. economy and intensely personal human problems. Lawyers are involved in the health field in many ways including representing hospitals, other health care providers such as doctors and their practices, patients who claim to be injured in the health care setting, insurance companies, and some administrative agencies at the state and federal levels.

Courses offered in this area include:

  • Advanced Torts
  • Disability Law
  • Food, Drug & Safety Law
  • Health Care Enterprises
  • Health Care Law
  • Introduction to Law and Psychiatry
  • Mental Health Law I
  • Mental Health law II
  • Neuroscience and the Law

Students should also be aware of other course offerings related to Health Law in other parts of the University. For example, the Medical School offers courses about research ethics discussing legal and ethical issues surrounding human experimentation.

Skills:  Students can enhance their knowledge and skills by participating in the programs offered by the Glenn M. Weaver Institute of Law and Psychiatry or by participating in an externship in this area of the law.