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John Corwin (ficticious)

John was a business major as an undergraduate student. He worked for two years for a CPA firm before coming to law school. One of his clients while he worked as a CPA was a multinational corporation with offices and sales in Asia. This prompted his interest in working as a lawyer for a multinational corporation. In addition to learning about international and other aspects of law, John wishes to prepare to take a bar exam and learn professional skills. He chose the following classes while a law student:

Second Year

Client Counseling (required)
Corporations I
Secured Transactions
Moot Court
Federal Income Tax

Legal Ethics (required)
Public International Law
Corporations II
Moot Court
Human Rights Seminar (seminar)

Third Year

Immigration Law and Policy
Introduction to Intellectual Property
International Business Transactions
Moot Court
Legal Externship at a corporation
Corporations I Practice One

Criminal Procedure I
Electronic Discovery
Securities Litigation
International Tax
Moot Court
International Arbitration and Litigation