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Innovation, Technology and Intellectual Property

Innovation drives economic development, and technology evolves at break-neck speeds.  Intellectual property topics are, therefore, among the most interesting in the law.  The broad subject of intellectual property law includes three predominantly federal doctrines – copyright, trademark, and patent – as well as a host of state law doctrines, including publicity rights and trade secrets. 

Courses include Advertising Law, Computer and Internet Law, Copyright Law, International Intellectual Property, Introduction to Intellectual Property, First Amendment Law, Media Law, Patent Law, Sports Law, Technology in Legal Practice, and Trademark and Unfair Competition.

Skills:  Students can build professional skills in this area by taking Introduction to Intellectual Property Law Practice One, Patent Litigation and Strategy, Patent Office Practice and Procedure and by serving on the Intellectual Property and Computer Law Journal.  Several legal externships allow students to serve real clients’ intellectual property needs.