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History of the Administration of the Law Library

The Law Library was officially created by the Board of Trustees of the Cincinnati College in 1874, some 41 years after the Cincinnati Law School opened. From 1888 to 1927, the administration of the Law Library was handled by the Dean and faculty through a Standing Committee on the Library. Since then, the Law Library has been directed by seven law librarians, the last four holding professional degrees in librarianship, some also holding law degrees and advanced degrees in business administration.

  • Alfred K. Morrison (1927-1949)
  • Robert Mace (1949-1956)
  • William Jeffrey, Jr. (1956-1976)
  • Jorge Carro (1976-1986)
  • Taylor Fitchett (1986-1998)
  • Virginia C. Thomas (1998-2009)
  • Kenneth J. Hirsh (2009-)