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2017 Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching Awarded to Mangan, McMahon, and Sperino

Professors Sean Mangan, Stephanie McMahon and Sandra Sperino received the annual award for teaching excellence.

Cincinnati, OH – For over 30 years, students at the University of Cincinnati College of Law have had the opportunity to recognize excellence in teaching by recognizing professors who distinguish themselves in the classroom, and whose accomplishments in research and public service contribute to superior performance in the classroom.

Congratulations to this year’s Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching awardees: Professor Sean Mangan, Professor Sandra Sperino, and Professor Stephanie McMahon.

Professor Sean Mangan, Associate Professor of Practice | Co-Director, Corporate Law Center
Professor Sean Mangan doesn't see his position at UC Law as a job, but as an opportunity. Noted one letter of recommendation, “he has a gift for making difficult concepts easier to learn. When much of law school seems to take place in the clouds of legal theory, Professor Mangan helps students confront the real and daily challenges of practicing law. “ Wrote another, “he has proven himself to be a skilled and compassionate guide in the development of young lawyers. His dedication to students was on display recently when he answered the call to teach a class he had not planned to teach. Moved by commitment to his students and the school, he stepped outside his comfort zone to make sure students received the instruction they needed. This is just one example of his leadership, service and intelligence.”




Professor Stephanie McMahon, Professor of Law
Professor Stephanie McMahon goes above and beyond the standard for teaching. Wrote a student in her nomination letter, “She is one of those professors you remember forever who has the ability to change your view on a subject that most expect to dislike.” Commented another, “Professor McMahon runs her classroom with excellent poise, throwing thought-provoking questions at everyone in the class. Instead of providing a dense textbook, she creates her own handouts to give students a better opportunity to learn difficult tax concepts. Professor McMahon could be working anywhere or doing anything, but the fact that she is here teaching the next generation of lawyers speaks to her public service and desire to see her students succeed. Her students truly appreciate the dedication and effort she expends every day.”



Professor Sandra Sperino, Associate Dean of Faculty and Professor of Law
Professor Sandra Sperino stands out for her ability to grasp different learning styles and build a classroom community. “Professor Sperino has a knack for making sure students know what to expect and organizing material in a way that can make even the most complicated topics clear,” wrote one nominator. Professor Sperino’s 1L students particularly appreciated the time she took to help them prepare for exams. “Professor Sperino gives students the opportunity to practice issue-spotting and learn what a successful exam answer looks like. This helped students prepare not only her Torts exam, but for all their first-year exams.” Her willingness to help students extends beyond the classroom. Whether it is meeting 1L students for coffee or taking upper level students to lunch, Professor Sperino always makes sure students know that she is there for them.