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Gary Reece - Paroled February 2005

Gary Reece served 25 years in prison for a crime that did not happen. He was convicted in 1980 for attempted murder and rape based solely on the eyewitness testimony of the complaining witness, who claimed that Reece raped and stabbed her in her apartment. An investigation by a Cleveland TV station revealed that the complaining witness' testimony was unreliable and that she, in fact, was mentally ill. The complaining witness failed a voice stress examination while Reece had passed several polygraphs. In an interview with the Cleveland station, the complaining witness indicated that Gary Reece had actually killed her on the day in question, but that "Snow White and the Seven Dwarves" had brought her back to life. Investigation by OIP students uncovered that the complaining witness had a history of self-mutilation, which explained the injuries that she suffered on the day of the alleged crime. In addition, before the "crime" in this case took place, she had told the same story to other individuals, claiming that it had happened early in the 1970s when she was still a high school student. Reece was released in February 2004. He is now a successful public speaker. More information about Mr. Reece can be found on his website.

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