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Robert McClendon - Exonerated August 2008

In August of 2008, Robert McClendon was exonerated from the rape of a 10 year-old girl. McClendon had been convicted based on the identification by the victim and a semen stain found on the victim's underwear. When the Ohio legislature amended the DNA testing statute in 2006, the Ohio Innocence Project, in conjunction with the Columbus Dispatch, selected McClendon's case as one of thirty that best met the new standard. DNA Diagnostics Center, Inc. performed advanced DNA testing on the victim's underwear and was able to exclude McClendon as a contributor to the semen stain. Armed with this exculpatory evidence, the Ohio Innocence Project and Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O'Brien moved to free McClendon. McClendon served 18 years in prison prior to his release.

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