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6 ½ Q’s with Chad Vondenhuevel, Associate Director of Admissions, Director of Marketing and Digital Media

Chad Vondenhuevel joins the Admissions and Marketing teams with more than six years of admissions and communications experience. Previously, he served as Director of Law Admissions and Digital Communications at Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law. A graduate of Miami University (Oxford), he recently moved to Cincinnati. Get to know him!

What is your role at Cincinnati Law?

I wear multiple hats at Cincinnati Law serving in two primary roles. I am the Associate Director of Admissions and the Director of Marketing and Digital Media. In Admissions, I will work with the Admissions team to grow enrollment by identifying potential new markets, developing a strong admissions communications plan, and finding new and existing ways to get the word out about the meaningful opportunities available here. As the Director of Marketing and Digital Media, I will work with the various departments within the college to develop a high-reaching message for the entire law college, including the development of a strong brand identity that will span Cincinnati Law’s various target audiences.

How did you get into the Admissions field and why do you like it?

Law admissions is, to me, the intersection of two of my strongest passions – people and marketing. Upon entering school, I had planned to study and graduate in the field of psychology. However, after reviewing the opportunities for employment at that time, I decided that business and marketing would be a stronger return on investment for me. I had always enjoyed talking and listening to people and had a curiosity for why people acted and reacted the way they did. Marketing was the obvious choice for me, allowing me to study human behavior and to better understand what makes people respond negatively and positively to different messaging. After graduating, I landed a job in the law admissions world at Ohio Northern University, focusing primarily on marketing for the Admissions office. Over the next six years, my role expanded greatly, leading me to a position that oversaw the daily functions of the Admissions office, as well as marketing for the law school, the website, and social media outreach. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working in higher ed and in law admissions. I enjoy coming to work every day knowing that I can make a difference helping potential students. Finding the best-fit law school isn’t easy for everyone, so if I can make that process even the slightest bit easier for someone, I’ve done my job.

What are you most looking forward to at Cincinnati Law?

Initially, I was mostly excited about living in Cincinnati (coming from a very small town). It had been a target city of mine for a while, so I was thrilled when I received the opportunity to finally move here. After starting, however, I realized how wonderful the people here are – the students, faculty, staff – everyone. I am looking forward to learning from each and every person, as so many have extensive experience in their fields. Cincinnati Law has a strong reputation and recent accolades only solidify what makes it such an incredible place. I am excited to work with this team to get the word out about what makes Cincinnati Law the best place to attend law school.

What has most surprised you about Cincinnati Law?

I have been most surprised about the extensive resources available to students. The college is very invested in making sure students have plenty of opportunities to network, to identify meaningful externships and placements, to plan and implement timely and relevant events throughout the community, and to make an impact--both domestically and abroad.

What do you like about Cincinnati?

Cincinnati has the Mid-western values I believe in with the culture and affordability I’ve always wanted. It has everything a young professional searches for – strong social scene, relevant business district, revitalization and growth, and accessibility.

What book is on your bedside table? 

I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to my choice of book. My preferred genres are science fiction and fantasy. Right now I am reading a book called An Ember in the Ashes. I’m also in the middle of a series called the Iron Druid Chronicles. I encourage you to check them out if these are your genres of choice.

… and the ½ : Goldstar or Skyline?

Coming from northern Ohio, I had only ever had Skyline. I did recently try Goldstar for the first time, and if I'm speaking honestly, thought it tasted more or less the same. I’m a loyal guy so If you made me choose, I guess I would have to go with Skyline.