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Latina/o Law Student Association

The National Latina/o Law Student Association is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation serving as a conduit for Latina/o law student voices. Founded on principles of social, ethnic, racial, gender and sexual equality, NLLSA is focused on advancing Latina/o academic success and commitment to community service. NLLSA is fueled by a progressive coalition-building approach to addressing the legal issues affecting Latinas/os around the nation.

The University of Cincinnati College of Law Chapter aims to embody the values set forth by the National Chapter. As the nation’s premier, small, urban, public law school, we have the unique ability to promote representation of Latina/o voices in the Midwest. As the country’s fourth oldest continuously operating law school, we have a responsibility to be at the forefront of social justice issues that present themselves locally and nationally.

We strive to be the leading center for student resources, dialogue and action. LLSA is committed to encouraging student-led encuentros, conferences, and other community-strengthening gatherings. We aspire to inform, excite and empower generations of law students so that they may be responsive to the legal needs of the communities that surround them.

Student Leader

  • President: Gibran Peña-Porras
  • Vice President: Natalia Trotter
  • Secretary: Alessandro Botta Blondet
  • Treasurer: Brittany Triggs