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Panel: Are Asian Americans Foreigners?

April 11, 2013 11:10am
Room 118

Some Asian Americans can trace their American roots as far back as 1763, when the first Filipinos settled in the bayous of Louisiana. Some may even trace their ancestry to Chinese sailors who settled in Hawaii in 1778. Even with over 200 years of American history, Asian Americans are often perceived to be foreigners, a phenomenon known as the “perpetual foreigner” stereotype. For example, 25% of Americans believe Chinese Americans are more likely to support China in economic and military issues between the US and China. Why are Asian Americans still seen as foreigners despite their history?

APALSA’s panel discussion will discuss issues arising from perpetual foreignism, including what stereotypes it portrays, how prevalent the perceptions of foreignism are, and how it ties to American identity.

Please attend to listen and contribute to this open and thoughtful conversation. Consideration for your attendance will be a Chipotle burrito, rice bowl, or salad.

Moderator: Jyoshu Tsushima, president elect for the 2013-14 school year. Panelists include: Professor Lynn Bai, Professor Felix Chang, Professor Emily Houh, and Professor Edson Cabalfin from the Department of Interior Design and Architecture here at UC