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Robert Martineau and Son Publish Book Explaining the Intricacies of Legislative Drafting

Robert J. MartineauRobert J. Martineau, Emeritus Distinguished Research Professor of Law, and his son Robert J. Martineau, Jr., are co-authors of a new book teaching up-and-coming attorneys the ins-and-outs of legal drafting. Plain English for Drafting Statutes and Rules provides students and professionals with a full description of the legislative and rule making process, statutory interpretation, and the formal requirements for both statutes and rules at the federal, state, and local levels. It covers all aspects of the drafting process from original idea to enactment or adoption. In addition, it details specific guides for tabulation, definitions, and other aspects of statutory and rule drafting. Martineau, Sr. has over 30 years experiences developing and teaching legislative drafting courses and was the author of the first book applying plain English to statute and rule drafting. Mr. Martineau, Jr. currently serves as the commissioner of the Tennessee Dept. of Environment and Conservation. He has over 25 years of experience in federal and state administrative and environmental law and has drafted statutes and rules at federal and state levels.