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Thomas Eisele is Recipient of 2010 Harold C. Schott Scholarship Award

The College of Law has announced that Thomas D. Eisele, Professor of Law, is the recipient of the 2010 Harold C. Schott Scholarship Award, recognizing outstanding research and scholarly achievement by a member of the faculty of the law school.

Wrote Dean Bilionis in the official announcement, “Professor Eisele brings to his scholarly work an abiding passion for law, philosophy, teaching, and learning.” A law professor and a philosopher, he has authored numerous law review articles and essays about philosophy, pedagogy, and the law, as well as the state of jurisprudence generally.

Professor Eisele recently published Bitter Knowledge: Learning Socratic Lessons of Disillusion and Renewal (2009), a book which challenges dominant notions of Socrates’ teachings. In it, he demonstrates through detailed readings of Socrates’ teaching methods in three Platonic dialogues (Protagoras, Meno, and Theaetetus), that Socratic disillusionment is designed to lead those in dialogue to renewal, and back again, forming a never ending cycle of inquiry and conversation.

His latest book has garnered high praise from preeminent legal philosophers and scholars. James Boyd White of the University of Michigan Law School has written of Bitter Knowledge

This book is original, fresh, and of very high quality, opening up these Platonic texts, central to Western culture, in new ways. …  It would be a wonderful text to assign in courses in philosophy, basic humanities, education, and law.


Thomas Morawetz (University of Connecticut School of Law) has written:

Eisele’s book is much more than an erudite, seductive, and imaginative exploration of three central Platonic dialogues.  It is also a fine general treatment of philosophy, discussing the kind of finality or closure to which philosophical questions are susceptible and the appropriate stance of the inquirer.  It considers the pedagogy of philosophy and law brilliantly. 


Professor Eisele will be giving a public lecture on his book soon.  For more on Professor Eisele, including a list of all of his recent publications, visit his website.