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1998 Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The Goldman Prize is awarded to recognize excellence in teaching. The Goldman Prize Committee considers research and public service as they contribute to superior performance in the classroom. Students nominate professors who distinguish themselves in these categories. This year the Goldman Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Professors Graeme Dinwoodie, Thomas Eisele, and Michael Van Alstineas this year's recipients of the Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching. The Committee recognizes and applauds each of these professors for their outstanding work.


During his time with the College of Law, Professor Graeme Dinwoodie has established himself as a highly valuable and highly regarded member of the faculty. Students recognize and value Professor Dinwoodie's ability to teach difficult material in a challenging, yet informative manner. Professor Dinwoodie's command of the subject matter and direction of the class discussion result in students experiencing his classes with a clear understanding of the law. Professor Dinwoodie is recognized as a professor who cares about his students and is always available to them. Students marvel at the additional time he devotes to assisting them with their questions. Professor Dinwoodie goes beyond the call of duty to educate and assist students to help them become better lawyers.

Students fortunate enough to enroll in Professor Tom Eisele's classes have immediately recognized in him a true love of knowledge and a gift for conveying that knowledge in a comprehensive and useful manner that often belies the difficulty of the subject matter. Students have appreciated Professor Eisele's respect for, and interest in, their ideas. His tactfully-offered, yet honestly, stated criticisms, have allowed students to refine their ideas in ways that enrich their intellectual development and their legal skills. Professor Eisele's commitment to engagign the minds of his students, his infectious enthusiasm for knowledge, and his particularly effective use of the Socratic method are truly indicative of excellence in teaching.

Ever since joining the faculty of the College of Law, Professor Michael Van Alstine has distinguished himself as an outstanding professor and this year he has continued to demonstrate his teaching excellence. He not only possesses a strong understanding of the subject matter he teaches, but he also has mastered the ability to translate this knowledge to his students so that they come away with a complete understanding of the law. Professor Van Alstine has the unique ability to infuse his students with the same enthusiasm and excitement which he has for the law. Always challenging his students, he is able to raise his students' interest as well as their level of performance in class. His classes are consistently fertile ground for debate and discussion.

We congratulate Professors Graeme Dinwoodie, Thomas Eisele, and Michael Van Alstine and look forward to their continuing achievements.