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1982 Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Under the terms of the gift indenture establishing the Goldman memorial award for excellence in teaching, the elected student committee has selected Professor Stanley Harper as the winner.

The statement of the committee's reasons are as follows:

The hallmark of Professor Harper's teaching is, of course, his ability to blend wit with scholarship. His country manner is belied both by his energetic and intellectual approach to his teaching, and by his many contributions to the law of this State. The knowledge he gained while drafting the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, Appellate Procedure, and Evidence is impressive. More important, his ability subtly to interweave that knowledge with the material at hand is unsurpassed. Similarly, if it is significant what English courts thought in the Eighteenth Century, what the legislature really meant, or what Ruth fixed for breakfast, the class learns of it as surely as they learn the course materials. The continuity and organization of his classes are uniformly excellent, and he is invariably able to answer questions and to provide guidance to outside sources.

Beyond these specifics, we were cognizant of Professor Harper's knack for intellectual stimulation. Even in those courses least conducive to excitement, his own enthusiasm pervades the room. The extent to which this enthusiasm is consistently shared by his students is, we think, as clear an indication as any of the benefits which accrue when an instructor puts his all into his teaching.

Finally, we felt that the vast good will and respect Professor Harper enjoys from colleagues and students alike combine with the many tangible indicia of his excellence to warrant his selection for the receipt of this award.