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1983 Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching

Under the terms of the gift indenture establishing the Goldman memorial award for excellence in teaching, the elected student committee has selected Wilbur R. Lester, Rufus King Professor of Constitutional law, as this year's recipient.

The following is a statement of the committee's reasons:

Professor Lester's teaching achieves a standard of excellence to be emulated by his colleagues. His thought-provoking style inspires his students to challenge themselves to grapple with the unanswered questions of the law. At the same time, his stinging wit, colorful delivery and endearing charm make each hour a rewarding and enjoyable classroom experience.

Professor Lester's unprecedented mastery of the subject matter commands respect and diligence of his students. The insights he shares are always precise and well documentd. In fact, most students think he had a hand in drafting the Constitution.

As is traditionally noted on his student evaluations, "The old fart really knows his stuff."