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1984 Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The elected Goldman Committee has voted to award this year's Goldman Prize to Professor Kenneth L. Aplin.

Procedures followed were those set forth in the gift indenture, and as Chairman of the Committee, I [Dean Gordon Christenson] strictly monitored the process by which the decision was made.

As required in the gift indenture, a statement of reasons for the selection is as follows:

Although many members of the faculty of the University of Cincinnati College of Law have demonstrated a high degree of quality and competence, one Professor has consistently exemplified the concept of "Excellence in Teaching." The 1984 Goldman Committee is pleased to announce this years's recipient of the Goldman Prize: Professor Kennth L. Aplin.

Professor Aplin has shown a unique combination of abilities that contribute to his excellence: his enthusiasm in the classroom, his respect and regard for students and his analytical method that provides students with the ability to look beyond the current state of the law. All these factors — as well as many others — give students a legal education that will remain with them long after they graduate from law school.

"First rate," Professor Aplin.