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1985 Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The elected Goldman Committee has voted to award this year's Goldman Prize to Professor William Rands.

Procedures followed were those set forth in the gift indenture, and as Chairman of the Committee, I [Dean Gordon Christenson] strictly monitored the process by which the decision was made. The four elected students reached consensus and wrote a statement of reasons as required by the gift indentures. It reads as follows:

The 1985 Goldman Committee is pleased to announce that Professor William J. Rands is this year's recipient of the Goldman Prize. After lengthy discussion, the Committee concluded that while there are many outstanding and deserving faculty members at the College of Law, Professor Rands embodies the concept of "Teaching Excellence."

Professor Rands' ability to simplify complex material while continually taxing each student, his willingness to teach and direct class discussion toward the entire class, and desire to help the individual student to understand are the most important of his teaching attributes. In addition to these qualities, Professor Rands' ability to subtly instill interest in the subject matter through constant incorporation of current events into class material and his gentle sense of humor makes his classes, in the words of one student, "a breath of fesh air."