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1987 Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching

This year's Goldman Committee has chosen Professors Kenneth Aplin, Katherine Goldwasser, and Joseph Biancalana as recipients of the 1987 Goldman Award. The student members of the committee were Sheila Miller, Patricia Cecil, Lisa Kreeger, and Andrew Emmert. The committee worked hard in the selection process, consulting the student body, meeting with me [Dean Tom Gerety], and deliberating carefully on their choices. They composed the following statements to explain their selections: "All of the professors exhibit teaching excellence. They have greatly enhanced the academic environment of the law college. All demonstrate a dedication to teaching and respect for students by their thorough preparation and enthusiasm in the classroom. However, each has a unique style that we would like to recognize. Professor Kenneth Aplin is truly a master of the Socratic method and is always able to generate wide-ranging discussion in the classroom. He presents complicated material in an understandable manner and pushes students to integrate the material by asking the "hard questions." Yet his manner demonstrates nothing but the utmost respect for his students. Professor Joseph Biancalana approaches his material with an electrifying intensity, and his excitement is oftentimes contagious. He pushes students beyond their black letter law by questioning every rule. Thus he encourages critical, as well as analytic, thinking about the subject matter. Professor Katherine Goldwasser's innovative style has brought a freshness to learning the law. She has demonstrated a willingness to develop her own style based in part on student input. Her "real world" experience often shows through in the way she presents her material and promotes its practical application in the classroom. Her very open approach encourages students to seek her advice on academic as well as other matters. The Committee would like to thank these individuals for their very special contributions."