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1991 Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The Goldman Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Michael Solimine and John Applegate as this year's recipients of the Goldman Prize for Excelence in Teaching. The Committee wants to recognize Professor William Bell by way of Honorable Mention. The Committee recognizes and applauds each of these professors for their continuing improvements in the classroom and enthusiastic support of activities outside the classroom.

Professor Solimini and Professor Applegate have made a distinguished contribution to the College of Law and have exemplified excellence in teaching. Both of these professors have been available and approachable by law students and have engaged in numerous extracurricular activities.

Professor Solimine's willingness to assist students in their individual area of interest — whether it be by judging a Moot Court competition, aiding in a job search, organizing an extership position, or participating in the BLSA Enrichment program — marks him for this honor.

Professor Applegate is noted for his well-prepared classroom discussions and devotition to his students. Professor Applegate has chaired the Orientation Committee for first-years, participated in the BLSA Enrichment program, and served as faculty advisor to the Law Review.

In addition, both of these professors have enhanced their classroom performance with excellence in their scholarly research and publications.

In the same sense and spirit that these professors embody a continuing and marked improvement in classroom teaching as well as a commitment to activities outside the classroom, Professor William Bell is given Honorable Mention. Professor Bell's ability to blend the topics of Civil Procedure and Evidence with the "real life" skills needed in the everyday practice of law is commendable. Professor Bell is also recognized for his involvement in public interest projects and his legal representation of indigent parties.