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1995 Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The Goldman Prize is awarded to recognize excellence in teaching. The Goldman Prize Committee considers research and public service as they contribute to superior performance in the classroom. Students nominate professors who distinguish themselves in these categories. This year the Goldman Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Professors John Applegate, Michael Cioffi, and Michael Van Alstine as this year's recipients of the Goldman Prize for Excellence in Teaching. The Committee recognizes and applauds each of these professors for their outstanding work.

Professor Applegate displays an engaging style and wry wit that have livened up many a Torts discussion. Perhaps his greatest gift, however, is his ability to assimilate, organize, and present complex information in a readily understandable fashion. Given the dense, technical nature of both Administrative Law and Environmental Law, Professor Applegate's ability to take a single case or idea and present it as a part of a programmatic, analytical framework is crucial. Professor Applegate, through his truly excellent teaching and tireless service to the law school and the surrounding community, does much more than just teach students how to be good lawyers. he demonstrates how good lawyers can be positive forces in the community, once again showing us how small parts can fit into a larger whole.

Michael Cioffi, Adjunct Professor of Law, who is one of the most respected litigators in the Cincinnati legal community, has for several years taken time away from his practice to educate students in substantive courses, such as Evidence, as well as in skills courses such as Pre-Trial Practice and Trial Practice. Not only does he impart students an understanding of the various procedural rules and practices, he also stresses the practical skills and strategies which are necessary for students to become successful litigators. The students enjoy his genuinely down-to-earth approach to teaching, and appreciate his ability to answer their questions by using personal experiences a examples. He is always enthusiastic in his teaching, and treats each student with respect.

In his first year at the College of Law, Professor Van Alstine has shown himself to be a valuable addition to the faculty. His contributions are exhibited both in the classroom and through his support of the students outside of the class. As an instructor, he successfully blends practical real-world experience with his extensive knowledge of Commercial Law. He engages each class lecture with exemplary teaching style. Not only does he ensure that his students understand the technical aspects of each topic, but he also continuously frames his lecture in the "big picture" of Commercial Law. Professor Van Alstine enthusiastically lends himself to the students outside of the class and shows sincere concern about the academic development of his students.

We congratulate Professors John Applegate, Michael Cioffi, and Michael Van Alstine and look forward to their continuing achievements.