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Faculty News: December 2008

Faculty News December 2008 Issue

Marjorie Corman Aaron
Professor of Practice and Director, Center for Practice

Marjorie offered a Practice View on Employment Litigation. She appears as one of two mediators in a new DVD, Skills of a Mediator, to be included with a forthcoming book on mediation practice by Dwight Golann to be published by the ABA.

Profile of Professor Aaron

Timothy K. Armstrong
Assistant Professor of Law

Tim's article, Chevron Deference and Agency Self-Interest, 13 Cornell J.L. & Pub. Pol'y 203 (2004), was cited in Abigail R. Moncrieff, Reincarnating the "Major Questions" Exception to Chevron Deference as a Doctrine of Noninterference (or Why Massachusetts v. EPA Got it Wrong), 60 Admin. L. Rev. 593 (2008).

Profile of Professor Armstrong

Lin (Lynn) Bai
Assistant Professor of Law

Lynn moderated a panel discussion at the second annual ethics conference, The Role of the General Counsel in Advising Management and the Board of Directors, sponsored by the Corporate Law Center and the Association of Corporate Counsel, Southwest Ohio Chapter. Paul Heldman, General Counsel of the Kroger Company, was the keynote speaker.

Profile of Professor Bai

Marianna Bettman
Professor of Clinical Law

Marianna was honored by the Greater Cincinnati Consortium of Colleges and Universities at its 21st Annual Celebration of Teaching at Xavier’s Cintas Center on Friday, Nov. 14, 2008. She published columns in the American Israelite and the Cincinnati Herald on the doctrine of forfeiture by wrongdoing.

Marianna presented the Most Important Cases of the Last Term of the Ohio Supreme Court to the Cincinnati Bar Association and to the Law School Alumni Association. She arranged for State Senator (and UC Law alumnus) Bill Seitz to give the Harris Distinguished Practitioner Lecture.

Marianna attended the final meeting of Task Force charged with the rewriting of the Ohio Code of Judicial Conduct. She arranged a special 2-hour program and interdisciplinary panel discussion for students analyzing a recent Ohio Supreme Court oral argument.

Profile of Professor Bettman

Joseph Biancalana
Judge Joseph P. Kinneary Professor of Law

Joseph published Testamentary Cases in Fifteenth-Century Chancery, 76 Tijdschrift voor Rechsgeshiedenis 283 (2008).

Joseph’s articles, For Want of Justice: Legal Reforms of Henry II, 88 Colum. L. Rev. 433 (1988), and The Origins and Development of the Penalty Bond with Conditional Defeasance, J. Legal Hist. 103 (2005), were cited in Joshua C. Tate, Caregiving and the Case for Testamentary Freedom, 42 U.C. Davis L. Rev. 129 (2008).

Profile of Professor Biancalana

Barbara Black
Charles Hartsock Professor of Law and Director, Corporate Law Center

Barbara spoke on the SEC's and Ohio's “up-the-ladder” reporting requirements at the second annual ethics conference, The Role of the General Counsel in Advising Management and the Board of Directors, sponsored by the Corporate Law Center and the Association of Corporate Counsel, Southwest Ohio Chapter. Paul Heldman, General Counsel of the Kroger Company, was the keynote speaker.

Barbara was appointed for a three-year term as a non-industry member of the National Adjudicatory Council (NAC) of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). NAC is the national committee that reviews initial decisions rendered in FINRA disciplinary and membership proceedings.

Several of Barbara’s publications were cited:

Profile of Professor Black

A. Christopher Bryant

Professor of Law

Two of Chris’s articles were cited:

Profile of Professor Bryant

Paul L. Caron
Associate Dean of Faculty and Charles Hartsock Professor of Law

Paul presented The Estate Tax Non-Gap: Why Repeal a 'Voluntary' Tax? at Stanford Law School’s Closing the Tax Gap Symposium. The article will be published in the Stanford Law & Policy Review.

He was named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Tax and Accounting for the third year in a row by Accounting Today.

The Law Stories Series of Foundation Press, for which Paul serves as Series Editor, published:

The Graduate Tax Series of LexisNexis, for which Paul serves as Series Editor, published:

  • Civil Tax Procedure (2d ed.), by David Richardson (Florida), Jerome Borison (Denver) & Steve Johnson (UNLV).
  • Partnership Taxation (2d ed.), by Richard Lipton (Baker & McKenzie), Paul Carman (Chapman & Cutler), Charles Fassler (Greenebaum, Doll & McDonald) & Walter Schwidetzky (Baltimore).

Paul’s TaxProf Blog was named one of the Top 100 Law Blogs by the ABA Journal.

Paul launched several new blogs as part of his Law Professor Blogs Network:

Paul published several issues of his Tax Law Abstracts e-journals:

  • 2 issues of Tax Law & Policy (vol. 9, nos. 38-39).
  • 2 issues of Practitioner Series (vol. 8, nos. 22-23).
  • 1 issue of International & Comparative Tax (vol. 8, no. 25).

Several of Paul’s articles were cited:

Profile of Professor Caron

Jenny Carroll
Visiting Assistant Professor of Law

Jenny was quoted in Passion for Politics, Cincinnati Enquirer, Nov. 2, 2008, at 1A.

Profile of Professor Carroll

Jacob Katz Cogan
Assistant Professor of Law

Jacob offered a Practice View on International Law.

Profile of Professor Cogan

Margaret Drew
Associate Professor of Clinical Law and Director, Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Order Clinic

Margaret moderated a panel at the Clinical Legal Education Association Mid-West Conference at Indiana on Helping Clients Heal Through Community Collaborations with Janet Moore (Director of the College's Indigent Defense Clinic) and Christina Misner (Oklahoma City).

Margaret presented Using Social Science in Developing Your Case as well as Sustaining the Practicing Lawyer at a daylong program on representing domestic violence clients sponsored by Indianapolis Continuing Legal Education. She submitted an amicus brief on behalf of the Domestic Violence and Civil Protection Order Clinic on a 4th District (Ohio)case challenging the terms of a civil protection order.

Margaret was quoted in Bureau: 32% College Students Victims of Abuse, The News Record, Nov. 26, 2008.

Profile of Professor Drew

Mark A. Godsey
Professor of Law and Faculty Director, Lois and Richard Rosenthal Institute for Justice, Ohio Innocence Project

Mark was quoted in Group: DNA Raises Questions of Guilt in '81 Rape, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Nov. 22, 2008, at B3.

Profile of Professor Godsey

Emily Houh
Gustavus Henry Wald Professor of Law and Contracts

Emily and her husband Andrew welcomed their second child into their family – Rowan was born on October 30.

Profile of Professor Houh

Ann Hubbard
Professor of Law

Ann’s article, Improving the Fitness Inquiry of the North Carolina Bar Application, 81 N.C. L. Rev.2179 (2003), was cited in Wendy F. Hensel, The Disability Dilemma: A Skeptical Bench & Bar, 69 U. Pitt. L. Rev. 637 (2008).

Profile of Professor Hubbard

Bert B. Lockwood
Bert B. LockwoodDistinguished Service Professor of Law and Director, Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights

The Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights Series of The University of Pennsylvania Press, for which Bert serves as Series Editor, published Lisa Magarrell & Joya Wesley, Learning from Greensboro: Truth and Reconciliation in the United States (2008).

Profile of Professor Lockwood :: Urban Morgan Institute for Human Rights

Bradford Mank
James B. Helmer, Jr. Professor of Law

Several of Brad’s articles were cited:

Profile of Professor Mank

Stephanie McMahon
Assistant Professor of Law

Stephanie presented A Life of its Own: The Rhetorical Power of the Income Tax in the United States through World War I at the National Tax Association's 101st Annual Conference in Philadelphia. She posted To Save State Residents: States' Use of Community Property for Federal Tax Reduction, 1939-1947 on SSRN.

Profile of Professor McMahon

Darrell Miller
Darrell A.H. MillerAssistant Professor of Law

Darrell presented White Cartels, the Civil Rights Act of 1866, and the History of Jones v. Alfred H. Mayer Co., 77 Fordham L. Rev. 999 (2008), at Chicago-Kent as part of the UC-Chicago-Kent Scholar Exchange Program.

Douglas Mossman
Director, Glenn M. Weaver Institute of Law and Psychiatry

Douglas posted Quantifying the Accuracy of Forensic Examiners in the Absence of a Diagnostic 'Gold Standard' (with Michael D. Bowen, David Vanness, David Bienenfeld, Terry Correll, Jerald Kay, William M. Klykylo & Douglas S. Lehrer) on SSRN

Several of Douglas’s articles were cited:

  • Assessing Predictions of Violence—Being Accurate about Accuracy, 62 J. Consulting & Clin. Psychol. 783 (1994), in Barbara E. McDermott, et al., The Conditional Release of Insanity Acquittees: Three Decades of Decision-Making, 36 J. Am. Acad. Psychiatry & L. 329 (2008); in John M. Fabian, Current Standards and Practices in Violence Risk Assessment at a Maximum Security Forensic Hospital Following a High Profile Sexual Homicide, 13 Aggression & Violent Behav. 337 (2008); and in Pamela R. Blair, David K. Marcus, & Marcus T. Boccaccini, Is There an Allegiance Effect for Assessment Instruments? Actuarial Risk Assessment as an Exemplar, 15 Clin. Psychol.-Science & Prac. 346 (2008).
  • Resampling Techniques in the Analysis at Non-binormal ROC Data, 15 Med Decis Making 358 (1995), in Nicholas P. Gruszauskas, et al., Performance of Breast Ultrasound Computer-aided Diagnosis: Dependence on Image Selection, 15 Acad. Radiology 1234 (2008).
  • ROC Curves, Test Accuracy, and the Description of Diagnostic-Tests, 3 J. Neuropsychiatry & Clin. Neurosciences 330 (1991) (with E. Somoza), in Aleksandar A. Jovanovic, et al., Reliability and Validity of DSM-IV Axis V Scales in a Clinical Sample of Veterans with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, 20 Psychiatria Danubina 286 (2008) and in Diana Zwahlen, et al., Screening Cancer Patients' Families with the Distress Thermometer (DT): A Validation Study, 17 Psycho-Oncology 959 (2008).

Profile of Professor Mossman

Ronna Greff Schneider
Professor of Law

Both of Ronna’s books were cited:

Profile of Professor Schneider

Michael E. Solimine
Donald P. Klekamp Professor of Law

Michael, along with other federal courts professors, filed an amicus curiae brief in the In re National Security Agency Telecommunications Records Litigation (U.S. District Court, N.D. Cal.), on the issue of the constitutionality of the Congressional amendments in 2008 to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, which retroactively extended immunity to several of the defendants in the case.

Several of Michael’s publications were cited:

Profile of Professor Solimine

Adam Steinman
Associate Professor of Law

Adam published An Ounce of Prevention: Solving Some Unforeseen Problems with the Proposed Amendments to Rule 56 and the Federal Summary Judgment Process, 103 Nw. U. L. Rev. Colloquy 230 (2008). He presented his arguments about the proposed Rule 56 amendments in a formal comment to the Civil Rules Advisory Committee:

Adam’s article, Reconceptualizing Federal Habeas Corpus for State Prisoners: How Should AEDPA's Standard of Review Operate after Williams v. Taylor?, 2001 Wisc. L. Rev. 1493 (2001), was cited in Giovanna Shay & Christopher Lasch, Initiating a New Constitutional Dialogue: The Increased Importance under AEDPA of Seeking Certiorari from Judgments of State Courts, 50 Wm. & Mary L. Rev. 211 (2008).

Profile of Professor Steinman

Verna Williams
Professor of Law

Verna posted The Heart of the Game: Putting Race and Educational Equity at the Center of Title IX, 7 Va Sports & Ent. L.J. 21 (2008), on SSRN. She was quoted in Striking a Balance While Becoming a First Family, Nov. 6, 2008, at A1.

Profile of Professor Williams

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