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Carrie and Andy Thompson Share A Passion for Justice

Andrew and Carolyn Thompson, both ’05, met during their first year of law school. “I first noticed Carrie when I went to watch the 1L girls’ intramural flag football team,” said Andy. “She caught a touchdown pass, and instead of doing a touchdown celebration, she nonchalantly set the ball down in the end zone. I said to myself, ‘I like that girl; she acts like she’s been there before.’ We happened to be out with mutual friends in early November of our first semester, and were able to share our thoughts on the law school experience. I asked her out the next week, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Carrie (nee Chavez) grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas. She attended Iowa State University, where she majored in sociology and Spanish. After graduation, she joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corp, where she worked for St. Peter’s Housing Committee, a tenants’ rights organization, in San Francisco. One day, she received informational material from the College of Law. After researching the school she knew it was a university she would be interested in attending. “It was academically strong,” she said, “and I really valued the fact that it placed an emphasis on public service and human rights.”

Originally from Jefferson City, Missouri, Andy Thompson attended the University of Missouri–Kansas City for his undergraduate years, where he majored in business administration. After receiving his bachelor’s degree, he went on to earn his master’s degree in business administration from U of Minn. while also working in an accounting position with an insurance company. Like Carrie, he too received informational material from the College of Law, and although he was initially enrolled for law school with Saint Louis University, he ultimately chose UC Law “because it was both more prestigious and more affordable.”

Great Experiences at UC Law

During their first summer in law school, both Andy and Carrie worked for the Ohio Innocence Project. In fact, the two were partnered together for the summer. For her second summer, Carrie worked with a local immigration attorney Marilyn Zayas-Davis, while Andy interned with a forensic psychiatrist in Butler County in conjunction with the Weaver Institute for Law & Psychiatry. He also served as a research assistant for Professor Ronna Schneider.

After graduation, Andy and Carrie moved to Springfield, Missouri, where they both worked as law clerks with the Missouri Court of Appeals–Southern District, although they worked with different judges. After a year, Andy served as a law clerk for Judge Phillip Garrison of that court, while Carrie worked as an assistant prosecuting attorney for Green County, Missouri, where she primarily prosecuted domestic violence offenses.

The couple then relocated to Corpus Christi. For a short time, Carrie worked with the city of Corpus Christi before beginning her current position with Catholic Charities of Corpus Christi, Inc., as director of the Immigration and Refugee Department. Andy serves as an attorney for the Nueces County Attorney, the county attorney’s office. He is assigned to the civil litigation department and, in that role, represents the county and its officials in all phases of litigation.

The couple has two children and much of their free time revolves around them. Carrie commented that, in addition to taking walks, reading, going to the beach, and playing soccer, she enjoys running after her children. Andy stated his free time also consists of reading and going to the beach, in addition to “laughing and playing with my two silly children.” His family has filled out with Benjamin Oscar, three, Sophia Sharon, one, and “a wonderful stray mutt named Gizmo who puts up with a lot from Benjamin and Sophia,” said Andy.

Carrie and Andy shared many experiences, both during law school and after graduation. “Our relationship enhanced all those experiences,” said Andy, “because we shared common values and a passion for justice.”

Said Carrie, “as a student and professionally, it was and is great to have Andy as a partner because his mind works differently than my own, so he points to issues or ideas that I may have ignored or not noticed, and my understanding of challenges and issues is much deeper because of our partnership.”