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Goldfarb Editorials Discuss Correlation between Business and Economic Success and Obama’s Impact on Ohio’s Economy

Professor Lewis Goldfarb’s recent editorials for the International Business Times and the US
News & World Report answer the questions of whether a business background positively
correlates with economic growth and whether President Obama’s policies had any impact on
Ohio’s economy.

As one of the authors of the recently published book Bulls Bears and the Ballot Box: How the
Performance of Our Presidents Has Impacted Your Wallet, Goldfarb and co-author Bob Deitrick
compiled and analyzed economic data from numerous traditional, trusted sources, examining
80 years of presidential history, ranking the economic performance of the presidents and their
respective parties

In his editorial “Romney’s Business Experience is No Reason to Elect Him President” for the US
News & World Report, Goldfarb contends that despite the political rhetoric and a recent Wall
Street Journal/NBC News poll showing that six in 10 American believe Republican Presidential-
Nominee Mitt Romney’s business success gives him an edge over President Obama in improving
the economy, history tells a different story. Says Goldfarb, “No matter how you slice and dice
this data, it is clear that a negative correlation exists between presidents with prior success in
running a business and success in stewarding our nation’s economy.” He goes on to explain
how the numbers add up, using the Presidential Rankings of Economic Stewardship, or PRES,
Rankings. Read the editorial in the US News and World Report: Romney’s Business Experience
is No Reason to Elect Him President

Professor Goldfarb’s editorial for the International Business Times “There is No Debate, Obama
Saved Ohio, responds to a New York Times Magazine article where the question was asked “Did
Barack Obama Save Ohio?” Per Goldfarb, “…there is no debate. Based on the facts, it’s Obama
who deserves all of the credit.” He then goes on to discuss the president’s actions to help the
manufacturing and auto industries when he took office and their specific impact on towns and
communities in Ohio. Read the editorial in the International Business Times: There is No
Debate, Obama Saved Ohio

Professor Goldfarb, a CPA and author, is the director of the Entrepreneurship and Community
Development Clinic at the College of Law.