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Meet 3L Jill Steinberg: Health and Tax Law Proponent

Jill SteinbergAt 23 she may be the youngest member of the Class of 2009, but 3L Jill Steinberg’s peers consider her to be a mature and energetic addition to the law school community. She entered college at the age of 16 and says that the past seven years have proved to be eye-opening. Originally wanting to follow in the footsteps of her surgeon father and nurse mother, Steinberg decided against a medical career while in high school when she fainted during a science class where the assignment was to dissect frogs. She turned her focus to studying English and Creative Writing during her undergraduate years at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. However, medicine never lost its appeal. In law school, she has been able to blend law and medicine, finding her niche in health law. “I grew up around medicine,” she said, “so I have a particular interest in medical malpractice, regulatory, corporate, and loads of other health law issues.”

As a result of her interests, Steinberg’s class course list has included classes such as Health Care Law, Advanced Torts, Law and Psychiatry, and Disability Law. In addition to her health law interest, Steinberg has another interest in tax and has taken Federal Income Tax and Estate and Gift Tax with Professor Paul Caron. When she’s not hitting the books, she is involved in a variety of activities at the law school, including Law Review, Honor Council, and Student Ambassadors. Her position as Articles Editor for the Law Review has given her the chance to practice the editing skills she honed while at UNC, and her involvement as a Fellow with the Weaver Institute of Law and Psychiatry has enabled her to research and write an article on the legal facets of antipsychotic drug litigation. Her article “Promoting, Prescribing and Pushing Pills: Understanding the Lessons of Antipsychotic Drug Litigation,” co-written with Dr. Douglas Mossman, director of the Glenn M. Weaver Institute of Law and Psychiatry, will be published later this year in the Journal of Medicine and Law at Michigan State University College of Law.

Many law students know Steinberg as a walking “Bluebook” whose knowledge of the intricate rules of legal citation is extraordinary. And it should be no surprise to find out that her nickname from a study abroad trip during college was “Course Pack” as a result of her dedication to making sure all of the assigned material was read and digested. Steinberg spent the summer between her sophomore and junior years traveling around Greece with 30 classmates. “We spent two weeks on the mainland and two weeks on the island of Crete and took classes on the history of Greece,” she explained.

Gaining Perspective

When considering her legal aspirations, Steinberg decided to utilize her summers to spend time on “both sides” of the fence. During her first summer, she worked in Louisville, Kentucky with the firm Franklin & Hance, P.S.C., focusing on the plaintiff’s side of medical malpractice law. The next summer, she analyzed cases from a defense perspective while working with Gwin Steinmetz Miller & Baird, PLLC also in Louisville. To ensure she has a “holistic” perspective of the health law field, Steinberg plans to enter an LLM program to further focus on health law after she takes the bar. She also plans to scan the course list for tax classes while she’s at it.

In her free time, Steinberg likes to hone her Nintendo Wii skills and excels as the character Zelda in the game Super Smash Brothers. When she’s not playing video games, she can most often be found watching anime or singing “just about anything” karaoke-style. “I’m still waiting for a Beatles karaoke video game!” she laughed. She also enjoys watching “American Idol” and stopping at Maki, the local sushi restaurant, every now and then for a spicy tuna roll.

Story by Amanda Shoemaker, '09