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Angela Glaser Receives Indigent Defense Clinic’s Gideon’s Trumpet Award

Congratulations to Angela Glaser, recipient of the Indigent Defense Clinic’s Gideon’s Trumpet Award! 

Working under the supervision of Danielle Anderson, Glaser provided excellent representation to a client who faced several old, alcohol-related charges, including an OVI.  The client had successfully battled alcoholism and had been sober for a year when she contacted the Indigent Defense Clinic office for legal assistance.  As part of her recovery, she wanted to take responsibility for and address her outstanding legal issues.   Because the charges were so old, much of the evidence and information on the cases had been destroyed.  But, Glaser spoke with the police officer, tracked down the whereabouts of old witnesses, and conducted extensive legal research on the evidentiary issues associated with the lab results from the OVI.  At the same time, she maintained constant communication with the client and got to know the client as a whole person. 

On the day of trial, Glaser did all of the talking with the prosecutor, eventually convincing him to dismiss four of the cases and amend the OVI to a lesser offense that doesn’t carry all of the collateral consequences of an OVI conviction.  She also persuaded the prosecutor to recommend a sentence that had, in effect, already been served, given that the client had already done an in-patient detox program and had been participating in alcohol treatment and counseling.  When Glaser stood next to the client in the courtroom and spoke on the client’s behalf in mitigation, it was abundantly clear to everyone in the courtroom that she cared deeply about her.

This case illustrates the criminal justice system at its best – and demonstrates how the system can produce fair and equitable results for everyone!  When Glaser and Anderson (the supervisor) first arrived to the courtroom, the victim – whose car our client hit – was livid.  He was angry he had to be there in court, missing work.  He was angry that our client had hit and destroyed his car.  And he believed that he would never be reimbursed for that.  But, as Glaser communicated with him, and the prosecutor, the police officer and the judge, and told them what kind of person the client had become and how she overcame her addiction, the victim eventually became an advocate for the client.  He asked to speak to our client after court was over to congratulate her on all that she had achieved, to thank her for taking responsibility, and to hug her. 

Congratulations to Angela Glaser for how hard she worked on this case and how fought to get the best results for her client!