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Practice Ready: Newly Sworn in Attorney Argues Before the Supreme Court of Ohio

In an interesting twist and an example of the importance of being prepared, Greg Kendall ’13, appeared before the Supreme Court of Ohio, arguing part of a case the day after he was sworn in!

Kendall passed the bar and was sworn in on November 4, 2013.  On November 5, 2013, barely 24 hours old as an attorney, he argued part of the case of State ex.rel. The Cincinnati Enquirer v. Honorable Robert H. Lyons. The Enquirer had brought an original action in mandamus seeking relief under the Public Records Act to unseal the records in a Miami University rape flier case.

Kendall was one of two attorneys representing Judge Lyons. Wrote Professor Bettman in her blog, Legally Speaking Ohio, about the “unique” situation, “[Greg] told me that working on the blog totally helped him know what to expect from the justices.”

Kendall is a former research assistant for the professor and worked on her blog (Legally Speaking Ohio) for two years as a student contributor. Today, he works for Cincinnati firm Montgomery Rennie & Johnson.

Interested in seeing Greg Kendall in action? View the argument here.