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Versatility of Law Degree Brings Variety of Legal Career Experiences

Erica Faaborg ’06 is a homegrown Bearcat who grew up right here in the Queen City.  She split her college years between Kenyon College and the University of Cincinnati, majoring in international relations and national security studies.  Before coming to UC Law she worked for a local company that runs clinical trials on pharmaceuticals for organ transplant recipients, an experience she values.

Faaborg’s interest in the law was sparked in an undergraduate international law class.  “After being exposed to case law, I knew I found my calling,” she said.  She did not immediately jump into the judicial work, however. She honed her skilled with a variety of experiences after graduating UC Law.  She worked on a congressional campaign after sitting for the Ohio bar, and then she moved to Chicago and sat for the Illinois bar.  There she worked as a contract attorney and a bike messenger for a few months until she landed with the boutique civil rights firm Horwitz, Richardson & Baker.  It was not until a few years later that Faaborg returned to Cincinnati to work as a law clerk.  Today, she clerks for Magistrate Judge Karen Litkovitz.

Faaborg enjoys the range of topics she sees in her job as a judicial clerk.  “My true calling is learning,” she said. “Thus, my favorite aspect of being a clerk is being exposed to a wide variety of legal areas.”  Among the challenges associated with her job, she highlighted that the court’s twice annual reporting to Congress can be burdensome when you take into account the extreme caseload the court handles. 

Enjoying the Versatility of a Law Degree

“Don’t feel confined to one track after law school,” she stated when asked what advice she’d give to today’s students.  “My former classmates are working in politics, law firms, corporations, non-profits, local, federal and international governments, and even as wine makers.  I felt a lot of pressure during my career to pursue a particular path, but the statistics show that attorneys have an average of seven jobs during their careers so enjoy the versatility this degree offers.”