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For Kyle Correa-Brady JD/MBA Program Beneficial for Business Success

Business lawyers are an important part of the team that help businesses form, grow, and succeed. Indeed, UC Law’s business law pathway help students build a strong foundation. However, some students choose to take it a stepfurther—by augmenting their legal degree with an MBA to become as well-rounded a professional as possible. Kyle Correa-Brady ’14 is one such student. 

Correa-Brady moved to Cincinnati with his family when he was three, living here until he began college at the University of Virginia. There, he majored in both history and economics, and minored in English.  After graduating, he took one year off and moved to Austin, TX, where he had the opportunity to work at a law firm. This was a chance to explore whether he indeed wanted to pursue a legal education. When he realized he definitely wanted to go to law school, Correa-Brady returned home to Cincinnati for the College of Law’s program. Important to his decision to attend UC Law was the fact that the school has a joint degree program through which he could also pursue an MBA.

In the joint degree program, Correa-Brady spent his first year as a full-time law student, participating in the school’s first year curriculum just like a regular law student.  His second year, however, he left the law school to take graduate business courses, graduating from the Carl H. Linder College of Business with his MBA after nine months.  Then, he returned to the law school to complete his remaining two years of legal coursework, with the goal of graduating with his degree this May.

“When I entered law school, I always knew I had an interest in business and that I had an interest in corporate law,” said Correa-Brady of his motivation to participate in the joint degree program.  In his first semester at UC Law he began to apply for the MBA program and he took the GMAT over winter break. 

“Once I was accepted, it was a no-brainer for me. All transactional lawyers need to know their clients and their clients are usually business men and women.  If a lawyer can't read a balance sheet or breakdown the accounting issues, they are less helpful to their clients.” 

Correa-Brady understands the worlds of law and business intersect and, given his interest in corporate law and business, he knew that the MBA would prove important and beneficial in assisting and counseling his clients down the road.

Building a Career Through Practical Experiences

At UC Law, Correa-Brady has enjoyed a number of practical experiences, using the time to build out his resume and hone his skills.  During the summer of 2012, he worked at firm Strauss Troy. Last spring (2013) he worked at Fifth Third Bank.  “This job gave me the first opportunity to apply my MBA and JD knowledge in a professional environment,” he shared of his experience at the bank.  “I still did all legal work, but I was able to apply business knowledge to the work I did.”  That fall he got another opportunity to explore working at a large corporation when he worked with Kroger Inc.  To top it off, in the summer between his time at Fifth Third Bank and Kroger, he worked at Medpace, a top-ranked, mid-sized clinical research organization. He has continued to work there during this academic year, his last at UC Law.   

Lessons Learned About a Joint Degree

Kyle advised that students considering a joint degree carefully consider why they are doing the program and to weigh the pros and cons.  If one decides in favor of gaining both degrees, however, he is a strong proponent of getting them together.  He left this bit of advice:  “Nowadays, most of the news we hear whether coming out with an MBA or a JD is very negative.  The economy still hasn’t recovered and the job market is rough out there.  But I believe that when deciding to do a joint degree program, your decision should be made with a mind toward the long term – not the short term.  And as the economy does turn around, I believe that you won’t regret the extra work put in for the extra degree now.”

Eric Munas '15