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Professor Aaron Launches Client Science Course Website; Brings Opportunity to Share Knowledge About Counseling

Teaching negotiation, mediation, client counseling as well as her legal career taught Professor Majorie Aaron that real client counseling is—in a nutshell—very challenging! Now after nearly a decade of focus on this topic at UC Law, coaching more than 800 students, and writing a book, she has pulled together her course materials—syllabi, simulations, vignettes, and other information—in a new website called to share her knowledge with lawyers, legal educators, law students, and others interested in learning the art and science of client counseling.

The Client Science Course website includes a wide range of topics, from the logistics of pairing for an exercise to tricks for encouraging students to volunteer for an in-class demonstration. Legal educators will benefit from an instructor’s guide as to method and practical choices in the classroom, notes for simulations and other exercises, and materials for coaching and final assessment. Course participants will be able to access to all course materials, from non-text readings to role simulations and exercises. Finally, those interested in client science will find a wealth of information on client interviewing and decision analysis. 

All are invited to visit the website, , for more information and to review the material. And, if there are questions, contact Professor Aaron via email ( ) or phone (513-556-0114).